What makes a job fulfilling

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what makes a job fulfilling

How To Find Fulfilling Work by Roman Krznaric

Doing what it says in the title, Roman Krznaric explores the concept of meaningful work for those who are unhappy with their 9-5 and looking to change that. And he does a pretty good job of it!

Approaching his subject via a variety of disciplines, Roman frames work itself within a historical context, showing how it has evolved over time (mainly with an eye to the West) as well as incorporating psychology to explain how we can entrap ourselves in jobs that offer us money and status but fail to provide meaning or utilise our talents. Peopleís fear of change and why failure is more potent than success are concepts that are also addressed to encourage the reader onwards, past the doubt.

He also includes inspiring stories about people who were stuck in jobs they hated but who took a risk (and often a steep pay cut!) and are now in jobs they love and are much happier, as well as people who had no idea what they wanted to do so went out with the express purpose of trying as many professions as they could (usually for no money) to find out where their passions lie.

By far the most useful aspect of the book were the pointed questions scattered throughout to get you thinking about your own situation, how you can change it and what you really want to do. I also liked the idea of creating your own job - a bespoke career Ė as well as Marie Curieís life story as an example of working up to the career you want over time. Itís a concept thatís not as dramatic as handing in your notice and immediately jumping into something completely different but made more sense, at least to me.

The chapter on juggling parenting and a working life was the only part of the book I didnít go for and thatís because Iím not a parent and donít plan to be.

Otherwise, this book gave me a lot to think about, as I hoped it would, and is full of great ideas, advice and inspiring stories to help anyone looking to get an idea of what they really want to do with their working life and help them realise it. I didnít come away from this knowing exactly what I want to do but I feel like it has pointed me in the right direction with an idea for figuring it out, and thatís very positive.
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How to Find Meaningful Work

7 Essentials For A Happy And Fulfilling Career

The opportunities of modern work are both limitless and limiting. The question of what makes work fulfilling is difficult to answer, and varies person by person. One way to explore what fulfilling work means to you is to look at it through the lens of 5 factors and how much each one matters to you:. Going through this exercise may help you gain clarity into your own motivations and aspirations, and ultimately, point you in the direction of fulfilling work. Finding fulfilling work requires an active pursuit, not just an acceptance of a self-imposed prophecy. So what role does money play in your quest to find fulfilling work?

We talk a lot about the ways that a company can attract ó and retain ó top talent. In reality, attracting top candidates might be as simple as offering them an awesome job. But what makes a job awesome? The best leaders talk to their employees. A lot. A major red flag for potential candidates is a company or employer that is notorious for bad communication.

We've reviewed two decades of research into the causes of a satisfying life and career, drawing on over 60 studies, and we didn't find much.
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Hint: itís more than passion or money.

Regular Jobs That Could Soon Make You A Millionaire

Home Career guide Part 1: We reviewed over 60 studies about what makes for a dream job. See our key ideas series for the latest introduction to our research on how to help solve the world's most pressing problems with your career. Some people imagine that the answer involves discovering their passion through a flash of insight, while others think that the key elements of their dream job are that it be easy and highly paid. Instead, we found six key ingredients of a dream job. In fact, following your passion can lead you astray. Steve Jobs was passionate about Zen Buddhism before entering technology.

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