What is an agile tester

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what is an agile tester

Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams by Lisa Crispin

Testing is a key component of agile development. The widespread adoption of agile methods has brought the need for effective testing into the limelight, and agile projects have transformed the role of testers. Much of a testers function, however, remains largely misunderstood. What is the true role of a tester? Do agile teams actually need members with QA backgrounds? What does it really mean to be an agile tester?

Two of the industrys most experienced agile testing practitioners and consultants, Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory, have teamed up to bring you the definitive answers to these questions and many others. In Agile Testing, Crispin and Gregory define agile testing and illustrate the testers role with examples from real agile teams. They teach you how to use the agile testing quadrants to identify what testing is needed, who should do it, and what tools might help. The book chronicles an agile software development iteration from the viewpoint of a tester and explains the seven key success factors of agile testing.

Readers will come away from this book understanding

- How to get testers engaged in agile development
- Where testers and QA managers fit on an agile team
- What to look for when hiring an agile tester
- How to transition from a traditional cycle to agile development
- How to complete testing activities in short iterations
- How to use tests to successfully guide development
- How to overcome barriers to test automation

This book is a must for agile testers, agile teams, their managers, and their customers.
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Agile testing is a software testing practice that follows the principles of agile software development. Agile testing involves all members of a cross-functional agile team, with special expertise contributed by testers, to ensure delivering the business value desired by the customer at frequent intervals, working at a sustainable pace. Specification by example is used to capture examples of desired and undesired behavior and guide coding. Agile development recognizes that testing is not a separate phase, but an integral part of software development, along with coding. Agile teams use a "whole-team" approach to "baking quality in" to the software product. Testers on agile teams lend their expertise in eliciting examples of desired behavior from customers, collaborating with the development team to turn those into executable specifications that guide coding.

In contrast to Fordist mass production, consumers are now interested in more specialized, locally produced and individualized experiences. For a long time, our approach to development took after the Fordist approach: software was seen as no different to other mass-produced goods and would often be sold in stores as such. Agile development has grown enormously in recent years as an alternative method of software development. By encouraging a project management approach that emphasizes collaboration, flexibility, transparency and responsiveness, proponents of Agile claim it makes end products more user friendly. Crucially, Agile breaks down the silos which traditionally separated testers and other team members and encourages them to work closer together and merge roles.

A good agile tester knows that his job is not limited to only executing test scripts, reporting defects and signing off on releases. Testing is only a.
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Cross Functional Teams

As the complexity of software development process is increasing continuously, the software testing approaches needs to evolve to keep up with the development approaches. Agile testing is a new age approach which focuses on testing smarter rather than putting a lot of efforts yet it delivers high-quality products. The testers and developers need a higher level of collaboration in agile testing. The testers have to provide corrective feedback to the development team during the development cycle. This is the age of on-going integration between testing and development approaches. Agile testing is a software testing process that follows the principles of agile software development.

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