What kind of cowboy hat does longmire wear

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what kind of cowboy hat does longmire wear

The Western Star (Walt Longmire, #13) by Craig Johnson

The thirteenth novel in Craig Johnsons beloved New York Times bestselling Longmire series, the basis for the hit Netflix series Longmire

Sheriff Walt Longmire is enjoying a celebratory beer after a weapons certification at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy when a younger sheriff confronts him with a photograph of twenty-five armed men standing in front of a Challenger steam locomotive. It takes him back to when, fresh from the battlefields of Vietnam, then-deputy Walt accompanied his mentor Lucian to the annual Wyoming Sheriffs Association junket held on the excursion train known as the Western Star, which ran the length of Wyoming from Cheyenne to Evanston and back. Armed with his trusty Colt .45 and a paperback of Agatha Christies Murder on the Orient Express, the young Walt was ill-prepared for the machinations of twenty-four veteran sheriffs, let alone the cavalcade of curious characters that accompanied them.
The photograph—along with an upcoming parole hearing for one of the most dangerous men Walt has encountered in a lifetime of law enforcement—hurtles the sheriff into a head-on collision of past and present, placing him and everyone he cares about squarely on the tracks of runaway revenge.
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How to Look Cool Wearing a Cowboy Hat if You're Not a Cowboy

Longmire Custom Handmade Hat

The right hat can make all the difference in a Western. Case closed. What follows are a few hat rules every cowboy hero should follow, as well as examples of great hats and where you can get one of these yourself. C owboy Hat Rule 1: The hero cannot change hat styles in the middle of a film. This scenario is not impossible in the real world, as most cowboys wear different hats for different occasions, but it looks wrong in a movie.

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O'Farrell Hat Company. We will help you determine the exact fit. Telescope : Classic southwestern style with telescope crown and crease height at 4" with extra-wide 5" brim and pencil curl. Shown here in silver belly pure beaver felt with stamped silver large sampler hatband by SilverStorm sold separately. Shown here in Black pure beaver felt with silver eagle button conches on leather hatband by Roger Wilbur sold separately.

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  1. Our version of the Longmire Custom Handmade Hat — A little different than our Last of the Dogman hat, the Longmire has more roll to the brim, and the crown has the same unique shape as our Cimarron.

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