I design therefore i am

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i design therefore i am

Unicorns are awesome, I am awesome, therefore I am a unicorn: 2019 planner: Pale pink design by Copper Penny Press

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Published 07.07.2019

Sci-Fi Short Film "Therefore I Am" presented by DUST

I Design, Therefore I Am. sticky By Will Novosedlik July 11, 4 min read. Credit: Ruben Garcia. (With Apologies to Rene Descartes). As a university.
Copper Penny Press

I Think Therefore I Am

Communication platforms and audiovisual media have given architects and designers the opportunity to share opinions and discuss projects. The challenge is to share knowledge in a participatory manner and to label yourself in a way that enables you to convey a legitimate value proposition. Architects such as Ingels and Koolhaas have personal brands. In addition to making a splash in the audiovisual and online world, they also participate in—and even lead—academic discussions oriented towards building knowledge. Marketing and communication are gaining influence in architecture and design, in an environment where professionals have the tools to shift from tell-and-sell to establishing relationships based on sharing knowledge and building rapport.

The fundaments of our economy and the prefered consumer identity are based on a continuous increase in the demand to produce goods and services. Products and services are preferably not designed to last as long as possible or to be updated or to be shared. Consumption and ownership are the fuel of our economy. Combine that with the fact that nowadays our preferences, needs, tastes, interests, lifestyles, and sub cultures change almost every day, and that technology and fashion trend cycles are speeding up rapidly. Clothes have become more and more disposable.

Doing killer work is no longer the only barometer of success, not if we want our stuff to be seen. We are now all judged by the clicks we receive. By our Google rankings, hearts and wows, thumbs up and shares. Mike Sager considers the question: How the heck does a creative cope with this new reality? Before the internet, my creative progress was easily measured. I spent most of my day alone in my office, bringing ideas to life, or doing something ancillary that enabled my work—interviewing, filling out expense accounts, prospecting new jobs. In any case, something would be started or finished or added to.

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