9th grade english reading list

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9th grade english reading list

Popular 9th Grade English Books

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Published 02.07.2019

The Official Build Your Library Grade 9 Book List!

9th Grade English

Judging by my 14 year old, teenagers usually prefer to chose their own books. This is understandable. Nevertheless, I made one anyway, ha ha ha! I wanted to do something different! Most of these books are considered YA Young Adult , and if subject matter is a concern to you, I encourage you to look at the books yourself, first.

Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet. The Odyssey. The books below are often recommended college-bound ninth-grade students: Ninth-grade students who are preparing themselves for a college-education should choose from this list. Angelou, Maya. Classic Autobiography pgs, L.

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Written at a level appropriate for most freshmen, they will nonetheless challenge students to develop stronger reading, writing, and analysis skills, and they also encourage discussion about the human condition. This frankly told tale of the horrors of war was written by someone who lived it while fighting in World War I. This devastating satire of the move from tyranny to revolution and back again to tyranny remains as relevant a tale of totalitarianism masquerading as equality today as it did when it was supposedly targeting the abuses of Soviet Russia. In , Griffin, a white journalist, set out to journey through the American South in the guise of a black man he had his skin temporarily darkened in order to report the realities of life under segregation. Along the way, he confronts his own prejudices and busts the myth that racism was more paranoia than reality. A novel at once comedic and tragic, Great Expectations centers around a poor young man by the name of Pip, who is given the chance to make himself a gentleman by a mysterious benefactor.

The books include images, descriptions, and links. Children have become soldiers of choice. In the more than fifty conflicts going on worldwide, it is estimated that there are some , child soldiers. Ishmael Beah used to be one of them. What is war like through the eyes of a child soldier?

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