Best biographies to read 2015

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best biographies to read 2015

Best Biographies (1053 books)

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Published 02.07.2019

The best autobiographies you should read

The best biography and memoir books of 2015

Fools learn from experience. And what other better way to do that than by reading the biographies of those you admire? Some of the most popular entrepreneurs admitted that they attribute their success to reading memoirs of the people they admire. Oh, but before that, did you know we have a really good weekly newsletter where we write about things that make us better business people, better entrepreneurs, better professionals. So go HERE and see an example and subscribe!

Autobiographies can often end up being self-serving: a distorted self-portrait that allows the writer to reimagine their past in a more flattering light. But Springsteen delivers a refreshing frankness, recalling his own memories with the benefit of hindsight.
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Smart people read biographies. Generalizations are usually worthless, but you can pretty much take this one to the bank. Think about it, a biography is a sweeping portrait of a life or a career. It covers vast swaths of material that the author must make immediately understood within the context of an individual and their life. To understand George Washington, you have to understand the American Revolution. To understand Rockefeller, you have to explain the Gilded Age.

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  1. From one of the best books in recent memory about Shakespeare to a top CIA Soviet asset, The Daily Beast's selections for best biographies of of the living world, read “Pike,” his closely observed, even celebratory.

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