Which Side Is Paharganj?

How many gates are there in New Delhi railway station?

New Delhi railway station (NDLS) has total 16 platforms.

Platform 1 is towards the Paharganj entry of station while platform 16 is towards the Ajmeri gate entry to the station..

Is Paharganj area safe?

Yes it is safe. ND railway station has 24 hour activity. And Paharganj is literally across the street from the train station – farther from the bldg to the gate than across the street. … The main dangers in Paharganj are pickpockets and touts out to scam you.

How far is Chandni Chowk from Paharganj?

2 kmThe distance between Paharganj and Chandni Chowk (Station) is 2 km.

How do I get to Paharganj by Metro?

The Jhandewalan Metro Station (Blue Line) is around 1.8 kilometers away, or 25 minutes of walking, from Paharganj, found on its western side. And finally, you have the Chawri Bazar Metro Station (Yellow Line), which is 1.9 kilometers away or 26 minutes of walking from Paharganj.

Which is the most expensive luxury train in India?

Maharajas’ ExpressMaharajas’ Express: the most expensive train in India. Operating since January 2010, Maharajas’ Express is the newest luxury train of Indian Railways and easily one of the most expensive in Asia.

Which is the dirtiest railway station of India?

PerungalathurAs per the Swacch Rail Swacch Bharat Survey, Perungalathur was ranked as the dirtiest station in India, having scored 258.50 out of 1000.

Which is the biggest railway station in Delhi?

New Delhi Railway StationNew Delhi Railway Station. Located in the centre of Delhi, 2 kilometers from Connaught Place, New Delhi Railway Station is the largest and busiest station in India, handling an average of 360,000 passengers daily. The station serves more than 300 railway lines and is well-connected to a number of Indian cities.

Which city is also known as Walled City?

city of JaipurThe walled city of Jaipur, known globally as Pink City, has finally become a Unesco world heritage site.

Which side of New Delhi railway station is open?

For Delhi Junction Railway Station, the entry and exit will be from Chandni Chowk side. For New Delhi Railway Station, the entry and exit will be from both Ajmeri Gate and Paharganj side.

Why Delhi is called walled city?

Old Delhi or Purani Dilli is an area part of the greater city of Delhi, India. It was founded as a walled city named Shahjahanabad in 1639, when Shah Jahan (the Mughal emperor at the time) decided to shift the Mughal capital from Agra.

What is the main difference between Old Delhi and New Delhi?

Old Delhi is the most historic part of the metropolis, with its origins dating back to the time of the Moghuls. In contrast, New Delhi was designed by the British during colonial times, with much of the architectural work being down to Edwin Lutyens in the 1920s and 1930s.

What is the difference between Delhi and New Delhi railway station?

Old Delhi is located around 1 KM away from New Delhi Railway Station so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach New Delhi Railway Station in 0 hours and 3 minutes. Your New Delhi Railway Station travel time may vary due to your bus speed, train speed or depending upon the vehicle you use.

Which side is Ajmeri Gate?

Ajmeri gate is at platform 16.. and platform number 1 is at Pahar ganj side.

Who built Ajmeri Gate?

Nawab Ghaziuddin BahadurThe gate is surrounded by a park and a madrasa built in 1811 by Nawab Ghaziuddin Bahadur, the son of the first Nizam of Hyderabad. On the west side of the madrasa lies a tomb and a mosque. The Ajmeri Gate was also the site of India’s First War for Independence in 1857.

What is Paharganj famous for?

Paharganj has been a hub for backpackers and hippies starting from the 1970s. However, the area now is noted for having high amount of crime, poverty, drugs, sexual assaults and scams.

How many gates are still present in Delhi?

five gatesOut of the 14 gates, five gates have survived, namely, the Kashmiri Gate on the north, the Ajmeri Gate on the south-west, the Delhi Gate on the south-east, Turkman Gate on the south and the Nigambodh Gate on the north-east, all of which express vividly the splendor of the city.

What is the name of Delhi railway station?

New Delhi Railway stationNEW DELHI (NDLS) Railway Station New Delhi Railway station is situated in New Delhi, Delhi. Station code of New Delhi is NDLS.

Which side is Platform 2 in NDLS?

Station Code: NDLS New Delhi railway station platform 1 is on Paharganj side and has many facilities like wi-fi, cloak room, waiting room, retiring room, restaurants, toilets etc. New Delhi railway station platform 16 is on ajmeri gate side with same facilities.