What Does Rentokil Initial Do?

How many employees does Rentokil Initial have?

Rentokil InitialTypePublic limited companyOperating income£369.4 million (2019)Net income£283.8 million (2019)Number of employeescirca 36,000 (2019)Websitewww.rentokil-initial.com7 more rows.

When was Rentokil founded?

1925Rentokil Initial/Founded

Who is the largest pest control company?

In 2019, Rollins was the leading U.S. pest control company based on revenue, at nearly 2.02 billion U.S. dollars. In second place that year was Terminix International, with 1.71 billion U.S. dollars in revenue….Revenue in million U.S. dollars–12 more rows•Jul 17, 2020

What are Rentokil like to work for?

Rentokil Initial is a practical, down-to-earth, friendly place to work, where rules and systems are made clear and where dialogue is encouraged to deliver the best service for our customers. Our leaders are visible and there is ample opportunity to feedback your views, share experiences and help shape our company.

What companies does Rentokil own?

Rentokil pest control brands include:Ehrlich. Ehrlich. … Western Exterminator. Western Exterminator. … Steritech. Steritech. … Anderson. Anderson Pest Solutions. … Presto-X. Presto-X. … Oliver. Oliver Exterminating. … Rentokil Mexico. Rentokil Mexico. … Rentokil Canada. Rentokil Canada.More items…