Quick Answer: What’S The Difference Between Baroque And Rococo?

Who started the Baroque period?

The Baroque period refers to an era that started around 1600 and ended around 1750, and included composers like Bach, Vivaldi and Handel, who pioneered new styles like the concerto and the sonata.

The Baroque period saw an explosion of new musical styles with the introduction of the concerto, the sonata and the opera..

Is Versailles Baroque or Rococo?

The Palace of Versailles is Baroque. French king Louis XIV had the sprawling palace built on the site of an old hunting pavilion, and he installed his court there in 1682. It was inspired by the Baroque architecture that originated in Italy but was constructed in a classical French Baroque style.

How is rococo art different from Baroque art quizlet?

What is Rococo and how does it differ from Baroque? Rococo: A slightly more elegant/ graceful version. Slightly. Shell motifs, more playful and light/ airy.

Who are three important Rococo artists?

10 Artworks That Defined the Rococo StyleJean-Antoine Watteau. Pélerinage à l’île de Cythère (Pilgrimage to Cythera), 1717. … François Boucher. Triumph of Venus, 1740. … Jean-Honoré Fragonard. The Meeting (from the Loves of the Shepherds), 1771-1773. … Maurice-Quentin de La Tour. … Giambattista Tiepolo. … Élisabeth Louise Vigée-Le Brun. … William Hogarth.

What is the rococo period?

The Rococo movement was an artistic period that emerged in France and spread thrartisticoughout the world in the late 17th and early 18th century. … Artists of this period focused more on attention to detail, ornamentation and use of bright colors.

Who favored Rococo art?

Rococo art emerged in the early 18th century following the death of King Louis XIV. The movement was an artful reaction to the opulence and extravagance of Baroque art, which was the favored style of the king.

What are three characteristics of Baroque style architecture?

Some of the qualities most frequently associated with the Baroque are grandeur, sensuous richness, drama, dynamism, movement, tension, emotional exuberance, and a tendency to blur distinctions between the various arts.

What came first Baroque or Rococo?

Rococo arose in France in the early 1700s, which had already shown signs of breaking from Baroque with its own French Baroque style. Rococo was not, of course, associated with the church, but rather with French King Louis XV. The movement later spread to other European countries throughout the 18th century.

What does Baroque literally mean?

Baroque came to English from a French word meaning “irregularly shaped.” At first, the word in French was used mostly to refer to pearls. Eventually, it came to describe an extravagant style of art characterized by curving lines, gilt, and gold.

Where did Rococo artists like to paint the most?

Cuvilliés, François de, the Elder: Amalienburg In Italy the Rococo style was concentrated primarily in Venice, where it was epitomized by the large-scale decorative paintings of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. The urban vistas of Francesco Guardi and Canaletto were also influenced by the Rococo.

Why did the Dutch Baroque movement differ from Baroque movements in France Spain and Italy?

The Dutch were protestant and their art did not focus on the Church. France, Spain, and Italy were Catholic countries, and because of that they had a different baroque movement – that focused on the Church -.

What are the elements of Baroque or Rococo architecture?

Rococo style is characterized by elaborate ornamentation, asymmetrical values, pastel color palette, and curved or serpentine lines. Rococo art works often depict themes of love, classical myths, youth, and playfulness.

How did the style of Rococo art differ from that of Baroque art?

Rococo developed out of Baroque. Both styles feature elaborate ornament and decoration, and both were used in large structures with a social or cultural status. … Baroque architecture is serious, dramatic, and heavy. On the other hand, Rococo is light, airy, and decorative.

Which of these paintings is the best example of surrealism?

10 Famous Surrealist Paintings From The Masters of SurrealismMama Papa is Wounded – Yves Tanguy. … The Great Masturbator – Salvador Dali. … The Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dali. … Egg in the Church or the Snake – Andre Breton. … The Barbarians – Max Ernst. … The Treachery of Images – Rene Magritte. … Ulu’s Pants – Leonora Carrington. … The Son of Man – Rene Magritte.More items…•

How did Baroque influence Rococo?

Artistic Influences Rococo paintings feature pastel colors, sinuous curves and lighter subjects of mythology, romantic love and portraiture. … Baroque paintings are much more dramatic and theatrical with a strong sense of movement, darker colors and a focus on key elements of Catholic dogma.