Quick Answer: What Will Happen To The Lady Of Shalott If She Performs The Action Which Has Been Forbidden To Her?

What was the result of the curse on the lady?


The little woman was too shocked to react to the curse of being transformed into a bird .

she rushed up to the chimney,and in the process every thing on her body got burnt and charred into flames.

Her red cap got transformed in the plume of the woodpecker,and as the bird she flew out of the chimney in the woods ….

What is the role of the mirror in the poem?

The mirror is a symbol and reminder of the lady’s loneliness and isolation. Through the mirror in Tennyson’s poem ”Shadows of the world appear.

Where does the Lady of Shalott die at the end of the poem?

CamelotThe curse is invoked, her death ensues as she sings “her last song”, and she floats dead into Camelot where all the knights “cross’d themselves for fear.” So, what exactly has happened here?

What is the Lady of Shalott forbidden to do?

According to Tennyson’s version of the legend, the Lady of Shalott was forbidden to look directly at reality or the outside world; instead she was doomed to view the world through a mirror, and weave what she saw into tapestry.

Why was the Lady of Shalott cursed?

One day she catches sight of the handsome knight Lancelot and cannot resist looking at him directly, thus bringing the curse upon herself. Her punishment is to drift in a boat down to Camelot ‘singing her last song’; she dies before reaching her destination.

How does the Lady of Shalott die?

Rejected by Sir Lancelot, whom she pined for, the Lady of Shalott took a boat down the river to her death. The poem describes her finding a boat, inscribing her name on it, lying down in it, and singing mourfully as she floated down the river to her death: … Singing in her song she died, The Lady of Shalott.?

What is the climax of the Lady of Shalott?

The climax was that she looked down to Camelot. Tennyson focuses the action exclusively on the Lady of Shalott. He uses the word “she” six times in five lines. And, more importantly, it is the first time in the poem the Lady of Shalott moves: she walks across the room to the window.

What does the lady do after seeing Sir Lancelot in the mirror?

What does the Lady of Shalott do when she see Sir Lancelot in her mirror? When she sees Sir Lancelot in the mirror, she finds him so beautiful that she can’t resist going to the window to look at him. In doing do so, however, she also sees Camelot and brings the curse upon the her.

What does the Lady of Shalott do all day?

First we learn that she spends her days weaving a magic web, and that she has been cursed, forbidden to look outside. So instead she watches the world go by in a magic mirror. She sees shadows of the men and women who pass on the road, and she weaves the things she sees into her web.

What does the Lady of Shalott symbolize?

The Lady, in her tower on Shalott, is surrounded by lilies, a frequent symbol of chastity and purity.

How does the Lady of Shalott experience the outside world?

And sometimes through the mirror blue The knights come riding two and two: How does the Lady of Shalott experience the outside world? She views the world through a window. Knights from Camelot bring her news about the world. She sees the world through reflections in her mirror.