Question: Is Until Now Correct?

How do you say until now?

until now; up to now; so far; till now; yet; hitherto; thus far; til now; as yet; heretofore..

What is the difference between so far and until now?

Senior Member. Thank you, I understood it, but in another post I read that between “so far” and “until now” there is a sublte difference: “so far” implies that things are continuing unchanged while “until now” indicates that something has changed. So far we have had no trouble. We have had no trouble until now.

What does until Thursday mean?

To me, ‘until Thursday’ means they’ll be back in on Thursday. –

What does until then mean?

The phrases “till then” and “until then” usually mean the same thing. In a negative sentence, they mean that the thing won’t be done until the time “then” comes. … In a positive sentence, it means that the thing will be done continuously until that time.

Is it to this day or till this day?

‘To this day’ is a fixed expression in British English. It’s much more common than ’till this day’. I know you state “British English” but in American English, these two are interchangeable. 🙂 We prefer ‘to’ though.

Is until now formal?

In English the phrase “until now” is used to refer to a change of circumstances where the change happens now. … Instead of “until now”, in this sentence the writer should have used the phrases “to date”, “as yet” or “so far”. They all have the same meaning. “To date” is formal; “so far” informal.

What does up until now mean?

: during the time or period before Up until now, everything has gone very well.

How do you use until now?

used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time. 1 I’ve always been perfectly healthy until now. 2 It has taken until now to pin down its exact location. 3 Until now, the government has only enforced the ban with regard to American ships.

Which is correct till or until?

Until indicates when something will happen, begin, or end. Till means the same thing as until. Till is not an abbreviation of until—it’s actually older than until—and it should not be written with an apostrophe.