How Do I Replace A Paper Roll In An Eftpos Machine?

How do I connect my NAB Eftpos to WiFi?

Enter the Wi-Fi network password, and then select the green circle in the bottom right corner of the Terminal screen.


Select the ‘Wi-Fi’ network you want to connect to on the Terminal screen.


How do I pay by Eftpos over the phone?

How to take a payment over the phone using your Verifone EFTPOS terminalEnter the sale amount.Enter the card number and press select.Enter the card expiry date and press select.Answer YES for signature question.And that’s it – the transaction will be processed automatically.

How do I order paper rolls for NAB Eftpos machine?

In most cases you can order print rolls directly from your terminal. For instructions on how to do this please refer to your Terminal User Guide or contact our Merchant Service Centre. To order other types of stationery or accessory, please call our Merchant Service Centre on 1300 369 852 (option 4).

How do I change POS paper?

6 Steps to Install a New Paper Roll:Turn off the printer and get the roll ready. … Press the “Open” button on the cover of the printer.Remove the used paper roll and core.Insert the new paper roll into the slot and pull out some paper.Close the POS printer cover.Tear off the paper and turn the printer on.

How do you feed paper to a credit card machine?

Instructions:Grab a new credit card paper roll and peel off the small strip of tape located at the beginning of the new credit card paper (the small strip keeps the paper from unraveling). … Press the “Open” or “Load paper” button on your credit card machine. … Take out the empty credit card paper roll and discard it.More items…

How do you get a credit card machine?

How to Get a Credit Card Machine for Your Small BusinessDetermine whether or not you would like to open a merchant account. Accepting credit cards isn’t just a matter of simply purchasing a credit card terminal. … Choose your merchant services provider. … Decide which machine would be right for your business.

How do I fix my credit card machine?

Fix Credit Card Terminal IssuesDisconnect the power cable to the terminal and router.Unplug the CAT 5 cables connecting the equipment.Wait approximately 30 seconds. Reconnect the cables and the power on the devices from the wall to the terminal.Allow 60 seconds for the terminal application to reboot and establish a connection with the router.

How do you feed paper in a thermal printer?

How do I load the paper roll?Turn off your printer.Press the open lever on the cover of the printer.Gently push the roll into place until it is touching the lower black button. … Do not try to feed the paper through the front rollers on the cover.

How do I put paper in my Epson printer receipt?

Follow the steps below to install/replace the roll paper.Use the cover open lever to open the roll paper cover. Push in the direction of the arrow towards the top/back of the printer.Remove the used roll paper core if any, and insert the roll paper. … Pull out some paper, and close the roll paper cover.

How do I turn on my Eftpos machine?

To POWER ON, simply connect the terminal’s USB cable to the POS. To REBOOT, hold down both the [FUNC] and [CLEAR] keys on the terminal at the same time. To POWER OFF, power from the POS will need to be cut-off. The terminal can’t be shut down locally as it is powered via USB.

How do you change the card machine roll?

Step by step guideBefore you get started. You can’t replace an old till roll unless you’ve got a new one. … Open the printer. … Discard the old roll. … Prepare the new roll. … Insert the new roll. … Close the printer. … Check the paper feed.

How do I change a rolled receipt?

Changing the paper roll in your receipt printerOpen the cover of your printer by pushing the lever or button on the right-hand side of the printer and lifting the cover upwards.Remove the paper roll that’s currently inserted in your printer.Insert the new paper roll in the following orientation. … Pull the paper out past the cutter at the front of the printer.More items…

How do I feed paper to VeriFone vx520?

Place the new roll of paper in the compartment with the paper feeding from the bottom of the roll and a small amount of paper pulled out, then push the paper cover closed. -Tear off the excess paper. If necessary, you can press and hold the [3] key to feed the paper.