Top ten ethical issues in a fashion business

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top ten ethical issues in a fashion business

Ethics in the Fashion Industry by V. Ann Paulins

Knock-off designer handbags, shoplifting, sweatshop labor, provocative advertising, these are just a few examples of complex ethical issues in the fashion industry today. Ethics are about making good decisions, and in the fashion industry-where it is essential to work cooperatively with many different people-understanding ethics is key to being an honest, informed, and effective employee. Ethics in the Fashion Industry provides readers with the tools they need to develop and practice ethical decision-making skills.

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Published 15.05.2019

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Ethical issues remain in the fashion industry

In April , 1, people died in the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Dhaka. The ensuing Bangladesh Accord on safety notwithstanding, action on ethical issues endemic in fashion supply chains has since proved sluggish. Admittedly, the sector is a plus-size model. Businesses are global, supply chains complex. We are trying to change the direction of an industry that is the third largest in the world. True though that may be, time is not on the side of those suffering exploitation.

Despite the rise of ethical clothing brands , like Kitenge, there are unfortunately still many ethical issues in the fashion industry. Many garment workers live in poverty and are often exploited, which negatively impacts their lives. After the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed over a thousand people and injured hundreds of others the world woke up to the fact that change in the industry was so desperately needed. This huge disaster certainly had an impact on our founder, Sian , who was working in the fashion industry in London at the time. After already witnessing several unethical practices whilst working in the industry she decided to quit her job.

Fashion saw dramatic shifts in Read ahead for some of the most pressing issues the fashion industry is facing today. Labor issues in the fashion supply chain have grown beyond that of poor working conditions and overworked, underpaid, and underage employees in developing economies. These are no doubt still issues, although what is coming to the surface is that a massive component in the fashion supply chain—mainly the tier 2 and tier 3 suppliers—consists of forced and trafficked labor. It's taking place in developing countries and parts of Europe where markets and factories go unregulated. From Chanel's use of Koranic verses on its clothes to Prada's recent keychains that bore a very strong resemblance to sambo dolls of the past, over and over, fashion bumbles blindly around issues of race and cultural sensitivity in a way that is awkwardly out of step with the times.

Ethical Issues in the Fashion Industry

What are the ethical issues facing business today?

Today, the most significant concerns in the highly globalized fashion industry are ethical and sustainable business practices. A lot of companies in this industry are taking the ethical issues with seriousness, and have been carefully monitoring and responding to all concerns raised by customers, who are taking a different direction by taking actions against firms that violate ethical practices including holding protests and calling for boycotts for products from such firms. This paper explores ethical issues in the fashion industry, and how it impacts customers buying behaviors. All along the history, people have been wearing clothes to cover themselves and protect themselves from harsh weather conditions including sun, rain, and cold. People wear clothes to say what they are thinking; converse with the world and society can observe and say something about an individual depending on what they are wearing Cataldi et al. Today, fashion is part of a necessity in the lives of many people as everyone competes in looking good feeling fabulous and feeling that one is living in the right place.

Philanthropists, environmentalists, human and animal rights activists, and conscious individuals around the world began actively protesting unethical fashion. The following are the biggest ethical issues in fashion, particularly in the apparel manufacturing sector. In their pursuit of cheap production, major fashion brands often relocate their production facilities to underdeveloped parts of the world, mostly in the Second and Third World. Here, they employ anyone and everyone capable of working in a factory, including children. Due to poverty and unawareness, the families of these underprivileged children know better than to question the quality in which their sons and daughters are being treated, or to demand for their rights as workers.

The globe-spanning fashion industry employs tens of millions of people worldwide and generated nearly half a trillion dollars of revenue in the U. The global nature of the industry and sheer scale of revenue creates a number of ethical issues, ranging from working conditions and environmental impact to body image and the use of fur. To keep costs down, clothing businesses set up factories overseas where safety rules remain looser and wages lower than in the United States. The conditions in these factories can lead to tragic consequences, such as a building collapse that killed garment workers in Bangladesh. The ultra-thin body type preferred for fashion models takes fire for encouraging eating disorders and warping body image. Although no conclusive study connects thin model images and eating disorders, the ultra-thin model body appears to contribute to warped body image, a contributing factor in eating disorders. Garment manufacturing levies a serious environmental toll.

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  1. The fashion business is plagued with ethical issues ranging from body image to manufacturing processes. The top ten ethical issues are the subject of.

  2. The fashion industry has complex connections to many other fields, including manufacturing, advertising, production of raw materials, transportation and retailing.

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