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jan fabre mount olympus full

Mount Olympus: To Glorify The Cult Of Tragedy by Jan Fabre

We know remarkably little about Greek tragedy -- about what it all meant, the tearing apart, the obscenity, the purification. This essentially unknown, unimaginable quality forms the inspiration for Mount Olympus.
Mount Olympus is not a modernization of Greek tragedy. It is an investigation of the impossibility of representing that which tears us apart and purifies us again.

Luk Van den Dries
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Published 13.05.2019

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus: the 24-hour theatrical orgy that outdoes Dionysus

And imagine something new. This dance move became world famous thanks to superstar Miley Cyrus who, in the world of mainstream pop culture, enjoys the dubious status of having pushed back even further the limits of the pornification of the human body. At the same time, the performance is one big odyssey crisscrossing the universe of Greek mythology. Litres of blood and chunks of raw meat fly about — literally. The lord and master of this motley company is doubtless the god of wine, intoxication and madness, Dionysus, who returns to the stage every other minute to kick up a racket with a superior smirk on his face.

Mount Olympus To glorify the cult of tragedy | A 24h performance 17 - 18 ottobre In un'intervista del Jan Fabre spiegava: «Sto.
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So when Professor Woolf told everyone that the director, Jan Fabre, had been accused of sexual harassment by his former company members, the class fell uncomfortably quiet. Six members of the company have resigned in the past two years citing complaints of sexual harassment. Skirball informed Fabre that he was not invited to attend the performance, but that they would not cancel the show as to not punish the cast and crew members. I decided to go anyway. Watching the first act was like watching an unrated music video in real time.

A hallucinatory vision of Homeric themes and characters, it presented a Dionysian orgy of madness, murder, incest, feminism, music rave and arias and extreme sports skipping, dancing, fighting, loving. It started at 10am and the audience were on their feet for the duration: we were sustained by beer and sausage breaks. The sheer music-hall madness of that trip through the hippie underworld made it like an acid Archers. But at four and a half hours, that was durational theatre for wimps. A huge screen in the bar area relayed the entire performance as streamed live on national television, punctuated with interviews with critics and artists.

It has now moved on to Amsterdam and will emerge again in the autumn, in Rome, and then yet again in the winter — in Antwerp. Buenos Aires has also taken a place in line. This large-scale zooming-in on the cultural roots of Western civilization, this performance by 27 people that continues for 24 hours without stopping and in which individual performers leave the stage for only a few moments, this complete shattering of normal human physical and psychological limits — requires so many resources and such stamina that no one is willing to perform it any more often. At the same time, the response of the audience is overwhelming — the first performance in Berlin closed to a standing ovation that lasted for half an hour. This may be nothing compared to the 24 hours of intense labor that the performers just put in, but it's still pretty impressive.

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