Sai gon oi ta co ng? dau r?ng

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sai gon oi ta co ng? dau r?ng

Chuy?n nh? Sai Gon by Dam Ha Phu

T?p h?p nh?ng m?u truy?n ng?n v? con ngu?i va vung d?t trung tam c?a phia Nam nh?n nh?p, ph?n hoa nhung cung l?m nh?ng phut giay tr?m bu?n, l?ng d?ng, Chuy?n nh? Sai Gon mang d?n cho ngu?i d?c - du da t?ng d?t chan d?n day hay chua, du co n?ng tinh v?i no hay khong, du ch? la nghe d?n, du?c bi?t qua sach, bao, dai, du ch? la c?m nh?n m?t cach mo h? qua nh?ng l?i k? v?n v?t... - m?t b?c tranh th?t khac v? d?a danh du?c bi?t d?n v?i cai ten “Hon ng?c Vi?n Dong” cung nh?ng d?u son l?ch s?, van hoa n?i b?t. Khong kho d? nh?n ra cai tinh, m?i g?n bo sau n?ng v?i Sai Gon ma tac gi? Dam Ha Phu g?i g?m qua t?ng cau chuy?n. Nh?ng gi anh k? co doi chut than quen, co doi chut l? l?m, th?t than thuong ma cung th?t rieng bi?t. Tuy khong d? d? tai hi?n h?t t?ng khia c?nh c?a d?i s?ng thu?ng nh?t ? Sai Gon nhung chi it, no khi?n ai t?ng d?t chan d?n day cung ph?i rung d?ng, bui ngui, k? chua di thi d?y len m?t n?i to mo, thich thu, con ai da qua yeu no thi s? khong thoi nh? nhung, kh?c kho?i...
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M?t L?n Di- Sang tac: Nguy?t Anh- Ca si: Anh Trinh- Video by UL

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chao bac si. Con em gan hai thang. Be hien gio van an sua bang ong vi pham xa nuot khong tot. Hon nua bac si kham noi be bi truong luc co, tay chan hoi gong va co cung. Dieu em lo lang la be chua nuot duoc sua nhieu, hien tai van tap dut an tung muong. Xin cho hoi truong hop con em can dieu tri ho tro nhu the nao?

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Ai ng? ch? noi ch? di l?y ch?ng. Thi?n l?c d?u: “Ch? l?y ch?ng D?i Han. Ong n?y khong d?p nhung co ti?n. Ong h?a r?ng n?u ch? l?y ong ta, ong ta s? cho ti?n s?a l?i can nha n?y dang hoang va cho ti?n Chen dec oi! v? chuy?n mua ban dan ba con gai trong thanh ph? Sai Gon. Bay gi? chuy?n x?y ra trong nha no .
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