How to have a job you love

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how to have a job you love

How To Get A Job Youll Love by John Lees

Stuck in a career rut? Changing careers but dont know which direction to take? Facing redundancy but dont know what to do next? John Lees, the successful author of How to Get a Job Youll Love is back with his updated 2003-2004 edition. Packed full of fresh ideas and new exercises, this practical book teaches you how to think outside the box, tap into your hidden talents and identify what type of career you really want. It seeks to overcome some of the most common mental barriers to changing careers and sets out a five-point plan of action. With 3 brand new chapters, the book will help you: - Identify your skills and keep up-to-date with market trends and requirements - Understand the different kinds of career coaches and consultants available in the market place and how to identify the best one for you - Re-address your career options with your current employer, providing you with job survival skills that will allow you to manage and negotiate you future For those leaving further education there is a special section on understanding the graduate market and building on your academic achievements.
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How to find and do work you love - Scott Dinsmore - TEDxGoldenGatePark (2D)

How Important is it to Love Your Job?

If you're looking for a new job, it's understandable if you feel the system is somehow rigged against you. Cumbersome application systems. Automated filters that identify keywords instead of talent. You'll need to find the jobs that aren't posted. Finding the job you love means being a part of a company you'll at the very least like. Talk to friends. Anyone who has hired more than five people has made at least one bad hiring decision.

Looking for a job can be a bit like dating. It can be easy to go online and find a match for a first date, but what happens after that is what matters the most. Will that first date or first interview turn into a long-term relationship? Or is it going to be a bust? Job searching can be hard work. If it's the wrong job, you'll end up having to start a job search all over again if the position doesn't work out. Besides it being stressful, you'll need to avoid being considered a job hopper when writing your resume.

Tips for finding a job that you'll love, including how to be sure the position and the If you're not certain about what you want to do, take a career quiz or two to.
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1. Stop doing things you hate.

Content partner articles allow professional, fee-based membership groups to connect and share their own content with Entrepreneur's audience of readers and business owners. Research suggests that more than half of us are unhappy at work. Here, they share how they found work that fulfills them and how you can too. For me, the key to success is being able to bring value while feeling valued. I get fulfillment from helping clients find their homes for life, which is usually their largest investment. They depend on me to bring expertise and advice to their life savings. I love when I get to make a mark on their lives.

But what happens if you don't know what your passion is? This isn't just an issue for those beginning their careers, it can be a problem for those stuck in jobs that they don't enjoy. It's all too easy to fall into a routine that leaves you bored or unfulfilled: you want to make the switch but you're not sure what to. Finding your passion could be easier than you think. By answering these questions honestly, you could work out what to do with the rest of your life.

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