My girlfriend is crazy but i love her

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my girlfriend is crazy but i love her

Crazy Quotes (737 quotes)

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Published 20.04.2019

She is Crazy But She is Mine Crazy Love korean Micxx

She's tough to handle but when she looks at you with those eyes you could because she's an evil psychotic girl who knows nothing but irritating you) and She'll take you out and plunge you into her crazy world, a place.

Is my girlfriend crazy?-Should I break up with her?

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Dude, you must speak a bit more with your girlfriend. You see, the routine that has established itself between you and her is like this: You work and bring home .
god never closes a door without opening a window

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Hide the kitchen knives, close your Facebook page, close your Twitter account, pull your car in the garage and change the locks — we are talking about crazy girls. We have all been there, dating an absolute nutcase! - Love seems mysterious, and maybe even impossible to define. Are you happier?

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My girlfriend and I have been dating for 3 and a half months. We just recently started having sex and love each other. We spend pretty much every day for a hours at least together. A lingering problem in the relationship is these crazy mood swings she has. Everything will be fine, and all of a sudden she'll be mean, angry, snappy, insert any adjective here.

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  2. She’s Crazy, But You Love Her (What To Expect When You’re In Love With A Crazy Girl)

  3. There is a difference between saying that someone has serious problems in communication or emoting, and writing them off as incurably crazy.

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