Why do women love mr darcy

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why do women love mr darcy

Pride and Prejudice - Why We Love Mr. Darcy Showing 1-50 of 54

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Published 18.04.2019

Darcy Stares at Elizabeth

7 Reasons We Still Love Mr. Darcy

Ok, the wet shirt scene made women swoon, but that's not the only reason. What makes this man the heartthrob of millions of women and the grudging hero of the many men whose significant other made them watch or read it? Could it be that the discriminating Jane Austen created a model of the perfect man she held out for in her own life? Before you despair, her Mr. Darcy is a lot like many of us, a man not fond of idle talk, prone to saying the wrong thing and hopeless at comprehending the female species. Here is a man who goes from the most despised to the most desired by doing the unthinkable, he listens to the woman and is not afraid to change, all the while sticking to the principles of his character.

But now that I have your attention, I want to ask for your help in identifying what it is that makes Mr. Darcy so attractive in the novel. And he happens to accompany Mr. Bingley to the first assembly. Like her, he is a reader, who values books and libraries.

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Whenever I engage in a discussion of the relative merits of Jane Austen as a writer, the conversation inevitably returns to the subject of Mr. Darcy is always mentioned. Usually, the person who brings up Mr. Darcy is hot. It all makes sense now! Right, okay. I could and possibly will write an entire thesis praising the merits of Jane Austen, but that post is for another time.

He's rich, powerful, noble, and very good looking. He is beloved by women around the world who continue to admire and ardently love him. He remains one of the most adored romantic heroes ever--not bad for a bloke who is over years old. This week marks years since the first publication of Jane Austen's classic book Pride and Prejudice. In recent times we have had two powerful film versions by that brought Mr. Darcy alive and imbedded him deeper in our hearts: Collin Firth starred in in the BBC Mini Series in , and Matthew Macfadyen stepped in those shoes in the movie remake in So what gives Mr.

M r Darcy is women's favourite fictional romantic icon. According to a recent poll conducted by the Orange Prize for Fiction, 1, women across the generations voted for Mr Darcy as the man they would most like to go on a date with. He was also the fictional character women would most like to invite to a dinner party - which strikes me as odd, as surely Mr Darcy would spend the evening either gazing at the ceiling grunting with boredom or glowering at the guests. Whatever, there are three new fictional Darcys in the movie pipeline. In Bride and Prejudice, a contemporary Bollywood reworking of Jane Austen's classic, proud Mr Darcy has been transformed into an arrogant American tycoon who is rude and condescending towards Lalita the Elizabeth Bennet character and her Indian family.

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  1. Ten Things That Women Love About Mr. Darcy He does not try to change her but likes her "just the way she is." There were things about.

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