How to be commissioner of fantasy football

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how to be commissioner of fantasy football

The Fantasy Football Commissioner Guide: The Principles, Tools, and Strategies to Boost Competition and Build Camaraderie in Your League by Dash Nason

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Published 11.03.2019

Fantasy Commissioner - 5 Tips on being the best commissioner in Fantasy Football

Assign or change a commissioner and co-commissioner

The league size and scoring settings are all about personal preference, but aligning the league with industry standards can help newer owners find information that will help them the most. It has been well documented by the Ballers that their preferred scoring setting is half PPR , with four-point passing touchdowns. A typical league has teams and usually has lineup settings with at least two receivers and two running backs, one quarterback, one tight end and at least one flex spot. Think of your league rule book like the constitution. Before you bring any of your friends into the madness, make sure you have airtight rules for lineup settings, waivers, scoring, playoffs, and trading more on that later. If things need to be decided before the season through league votes, make sure you do so with clear expectations of the people who lose the votes.

The draft is the beginning of your fantasy football season.
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Plan the draft

We all love playing Fantasy Football, at least I feel like that is a fair assumption to make if you are reading this., At Bruno Boys we spend most of time discussing a lot of different aspects of fantasy football , but one thing we haven't touched upon is how to act as the commissioner, better known as a "commish," of your own fantasy football league. There are many perks to being the commish of your own league including selecting who gets a team and who doesn't, the point-scoring system as well as other rules such as waiver priority, trading, etc.

Zartan: Hey shady, when's the draft? Shadowfax: Did you check the website? Zartan: No. I just asked you. You're the commish. Shadowfax: Look here clueless; you can't be that lazy. I'm getting sick of answering these inane questions.

Managing a Fantasy league can be a great way to add fun to the game, however it can sometimes be overwhelming. If you need help, or want to give the duties to another person, assign or change a commissioner or co-commissioner while the league is active, or after it's over for the season. Make your email address viewable - You can only be a commissioner if your address is viewable. If you don't plan on returning to your league as commissioner next year, transfer duties to another owner even after the season ends. You need to have JavaScript enabled to use this page. To enable JavaScript, follow these instructions.

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