No pain no gain 3 problems

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no pain no gain 3 problems

No Pain No Gain (Hercs Mercs, #7) by Ari McKay

Hunter Callahan loved being a merc. As an explosives expert for Lawson & Greer, he’s dealt with everything from IEDs to rogue nukes. But when a suicide bomber in the form of a seven-year-old boy walks into camp, Hunter learns there are some fates far worse than death.

Payne Gibson recognizes the “thousand yard stare” of the PTSD Hunter refuses to acknowledge, and as a natural caretaker, he can’t resist when his boss, Cade “Hercules” Thornton, asks him to help. Hunter is resistant until their surveillance assignment turns dangerous, and Hunter realizes he’s in danger of losing his career, the only thing in his life that matters to him anymore.

Conventional therapy hasn’t worked, so Payne suggests an unorthodox form of therapy: BDSM. As a Dom, Payne thinks he can help Hunter face the issues he’s been avoiding. Having come to trust Payne and knowing his career is on the line, Hunter agrees to try.

Their relationship as Dom and sub deepens more than either of them expected. Payne knows adding emotions into the mix is dangerous, but he can’t help it when Hunter is both the man and the sub Payne has hoped to find. But Hunter doesn’t feel he deserves love, not when his best friend is dead because of him, leaving behind a wife and child to mourn -- and to blame Hunter for their loss.

Payne can help Hunter to stare into the abyss… but what stares back might be more intense than either of them can handle.
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3 Problems (No Pain No Gain)

“No Pain, No Gain” – Fitness Myth or Training Truth?

For some, it is clear that the greater the pain, the bigger the gain. Is it really true that training has to hurt to be effective? As so often, this question cannot be answered by a simple yes or no. If you want to lose weight and shed a few extra pounds, then one thing is essential: a negative energy balance. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. Thus, the best training sessions for you are the ones that burn lots of calories.

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Has it been 17 months since Part 2? Jeez…sorry for the big delay. If that has been your experience or what you heard from others, allow me to explain. In the course of trying to get you better we probably have to add some stress. Sometimes the necessary stress is painful. That will depend on your particular condition. Most conditions can be safely exercised, even if some pain is present.

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