higashi no eden season 2 Nobody in Manhattan is having a particularly swell seventh of August. It’s way too hot, the subways are running late...and then, just before nine in the morning, a heavily-armed, well-organized militia descends upon the city with guns, explosives, and a seemingly indiscriminate bloodlust. Not a swell day to be a New Yorker, to say the least...but an especially un-swell day to be Jairzinho Navias.That’s not just because Jairzinho’s having problems in his personal life (he is), or because he’s more than a little hungover today (not unrelated). It’s mostly to do with the fact that he’s a professional dogwalker. Which means he’s got nine dogs strapped to his waist when half the city - including the dogs’ home - blows up.

hite report on female sexuality Rejecting the very idea of penetration as the sole definition of “real sex,” Shere Hite’s The Hite Report on Female Sexuality (1976) sought to understand how individuals regard sexual experience and the meaning it holds for them, using the clitoris as her critical lens. “Its not specifically just orgasms we are talking about here,” she wrote, “we are talking about a complete redefinition, or un-definition, of what sex is.”What I love most about Hites work: she uses the personal accounts of women themselves, collected from long essay-style questionnaires, as the main text. Its very success lies in the glut of personal accounts.