What is the poem mother to son about

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what is the poem mother to son about

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Mother to Son and Speech to the Young 01

What Is the Imagery in the Poem "Mother to Son"?

The stair is bare. However, she still climbs on, reaching landings, turning corners, and persevering in the dark when there is no light. The speaker advises the reader to hold onto dreams, because if dreams die, life will be like a bird with damaged wings that cannot fly. These two poems are not as widely anthologized, but are thematically similar in the way Hughes expresses the disparity between the American Dream and the reality of life for African Americans during the early 20th Century. Hughes wrote "Mother to Son" when he was 21 years old. He structures the poem as a conversation between a mother and her son.

The speaker, a mother, tells her son that though her life has had many challenges, she has continued to move forward, never giving up.
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Langston Hughes: Poems

In this article, we will take a look at the meaning of the poem, analyze it , and then look at some different metaphors and phrases which may be confusing. The mother states that she has been climbing up the stairs and turning corners and how sometimes it goes dark but do not turn back., Background: Langston Hughes is an African American poet who is also well known for his work in fiction, plays, essays and biographies. This poem was written in the early 20th century when the African Americans faced some serious oppression and racism issues.

Mother to Son and The Coora Flower: A Poetry Analysis In poetry, more so than any other form of literature, understanding sound, meaning and theme are key to understanding the work itself. Thought both writers use these elements to their fullest to communicate their respective. With his brilliant writing, Hughes conveys to the reader to never giving up just because something is not easy Langston2. It seems that Langston Hughes wants the readers to understand that yeah life may be hard, but you have to get through it. One cannot give up just because things are not going their way. The mother explains how she has also endured difficult. The young boy and his mother are not able to cross the border because her Blackfoot citizenship is not recognized.

Hughes composed the text in free verse. This means that there is no pattern of rhyme or rhythm. That does not mean that the word choices are unimportant. In fact, they are lyrical in nature. Langston Hughes has chosen to use anaphora, the repetition of words at the beginning of lines, as well as just a general repetition of words throughout the poem.

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  1. Quick Answer. "Mother to Son" uses the conceit, or extended metaphor, of a staircase to symbolize the hardship of the mother's life. Her metaphorical " staircase".

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