Tell me about a time you took initiative

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tell me about a time you took initiative

Initiative Quotes (122 quotes)

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Published 22.11.2018

Emily - Tell Me About a Situation When You Demonstrated Leadership

Similar interview questions: Tell me about how you move forward with getting things accomplished in your job. When have you had to step out in your work to.

'Give an example of a time when you showed initiative.' Tricky graduate interview question

The interviewer would like to know if you take the initiative in the workplace. Have you ever considered the opportunity to present your employer with potential change? Talk to the hiring manager about a time when you took the initiative in the workplace. It was a recycling program that I felt was very important, even for our smaller office. We had significantly less waste after my initiative, and I enjoyed seeing others take pride in helping our environment. It was a mess, and with tax season upon us, I couldn't ignore the need.

Your example can touch on one or more of these questions or, instead, you can ask your interviewer to say how they define initiative in order to help guide the example you give. You can take your example from your work experience, part-time jobs, a group project or coursework, travels on a gap year or a skills-related extracurricular activity. If you are struggling to think of a time when you acted on your initiative, our sample answers below should get you thinking about when you may have done something similar. Remember that you need to provide sufficient details in your answer for the interviewers to understand the scale of your achievement. It's important, too, that you talk about the impact your initiative-taking made.

Getting ready for the big interview involves many different skills than simply preparing your resume or filling in your employment history. The interview is the opportunity for your potential employer to ask you complex- in-depth questions that reveal your character and illustrate behaviors that you are likely to carry into your next job. When interviewers ask you behavioral interview questions like this- they are trying to get at your true character as it relates to motivation. Are you a lone wolf in the workplace- or do others inspire you to do your best? Because questions that relate to your behavior are deeply personal and sometimes tough to talk about- they can be by far the most challenging part of an interview. Luckily- there are several ways- including the STAR method- that can prepare you and help you manage your stress- shape an in-depth answer to an in-depth question and give your interviewers what they are looking for: insight into your professional personality.

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The interviewer wants to see that you are confident enough to take the initiative when the opportunity arises. Talk about your motivation and passion for being an active leader in the workplace. Describe any project or learning experience where you saw a chance to lead and took advantage of it. Talk about the success of the project and your biggest takeaway from experience. I took the initiative to create the training program, playbook and schedule, incorporating all the work we did in a way that people could easily replicate. The team loved having it, and more so, enjoyed having others, fully trained, join us quickly.

A job interview consists of several segments. An interviewer will ask you to briefly talk about yourself, state why you studied your particular subject in school, mention your strengths and weaknesses, state why you are applying at a particular company, and a slew of other questions. All of these questions are designed to evaluate you; they are used to determine if you are indeed the right fit for the position and, more importantly, the company. Perhaps the most important set of questions that interviewers will ask candidates are behavioral questions. Often overlooked by many, behavioral questions assess how your past experiences in certain situations will come in handy for the company you are applying to.

Similar interview questions: Tell me about how you move forward with getting things accomplished in your job. When have you had to step out in your work to move things forward? Where would you say you rank on a 1 to 10 scale for taking initiative? Give me an example of when you took the lead in finishing a stalled project. So the interviewer will use it as a way to probe not only your ability take initiative, but also your willingness to do so. The best approach to answering this question: Focus on a time when you had to take initiative in your work or projects.

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