Few lines about elephant in english

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few lines about elephant in english

Elephants Quotes (55 quotes)

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Published 22.11.2018

20 lines Essay on ELEPHANT for kids

Elephant Babies and Elephant Printables

Elephants are the largest living land mammals. It weighed 27, pounds Their skin color is grey. At birth, an elephant calf may weigh kg pounds. The baby elephant develops for 20 to 22 months inside its mother. No other land animal takes this long to develop before being born. In the wild , elephants have strong family relationship.

Elephants are the mammals belonging to the Elephantidae (including mammoths ) category of species with presence in all around the globe.
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Long and Short Essay on Elephant in English

There are many types of animals found around the world. - Elephants are the largest land animals with distinct body parts. They have huge fan like ears and long extended teeth called tusks.

Elephants are the mammals belonging to the Elephantidae including mammoths category of species with presence in all around the globe. One of the biggest land species on planet earth, elephants are spread across forests and deserts found in entire Asia and Africa. The species which is regarded as the most lovable creatures and respected by different cultures around the world, elephants are considered to be extremely intelligent and social animals like apes and humans. We know that elephants are always on the top priority when a trip is planned by family for the safari in forest due to their unique features and characteristics like lifting water, playing with objects in a group. We have provided ten lines on Elephant in English for enhancing your knowledge of the elephant as one of the most intelligent mammal on this planet earth. Further you can add these 10 points in your essay and paragraph writing in the class, any competition or in any exam.

Elephants are interesting animals. Their size is awesome, and their strength is incredible. They are intelligent and affectionate beings. Amazingly, even with their large size, they can walk silently. You might not even notice them passing by!

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