Dreaming about my ex and his new girlfriend

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dreaming about my ex and his new girlfriend

Ex Girlfriend Quotes (11 quotes)

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Published 22.11.2018

Abraham Hicks ~ "She Keeps Dreaming About Her Ex" ~ Staying Angry About the Past

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Dreaming about your ex? A psychiatrist tells what it means!

Waking up from a dream about an ex can be jarring. The ex, at this point, is no longer playing themselves in the dream instead, they kind of embody what first love feels like: the excitement, the passion, the desire, being desired, always wanting to be together, bubbles, that wonderful feeling. What was the breakup like? What are you holding onto from it? Are you holding onto hope?

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Dreams of Your Ex

It is important to understand the whole context of the dream before you try and know the meaning. Dreams about ex-lovers are quite common for individuals who have gone through painful breakups and still have lingering feelings. More times than not, dreaming about an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife does not necessarily mean that you are still in love with them. Often your mind will be revisiting the period in your life when you were with this individual. Your dream is visiting feelings and hopes that are connected with your ex.

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Did you dream about an ex-girlfriend? Was it a good dream or a bad dream? Where were you? Did you feel comfortable or uneasy? Some people think that dreams are random, but that seems rather silly considering how complex our minds are.

Then she had a baby with her and I realized it was his! There was also a part of my dreams where I was in my car and my car was really high off the ground and it was difficult to drive. I also went to the grocery store and bought a corkscrew for my mom's champagne and the people there were really nice to me. However, the dreamer does know what his ex's new girlfriend looks like. They both seem very compatible with each other. Life hasn't been all that great for the dreamer recently. However she did recently make up with her sister and has made a new friend.

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