Short story about a disabled boy

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short story about a disabled boy

Unbroken: 13 Stories Starring Disabled Teens by Marieke Nijkamp

This anthology explores disability in fictional tales told from the viewpoint of disabled characters, written by disabled creators. With stories in various genres about first loves, friendship, war, travel, and more, Unbroken will offer todays teen readers a glimpse into the lives of disabled people in the past, present, and future.

The contributing authors are awardwinners, bestsellers, and newcomers including Kody Keplinger, Kristine Wyllys, Francisco X. Stork, William Alexander, Corinne Duyvis, Marieke Nijkamp, Dhonielle Clayton, Heidi Heilig, Katherine Locke, Karuna Riazi, Kayla Whaley, Keah Brown, and Fox Benwell. Each author identifies as disabled along a physical, mental, or neurodiverse axis?and their characters reflect this diversity.
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Impairable - Short Film 2016

"The Day of Silence" is a story for children to make them understand how to treat people with Integrate people with disabilities A deaf boy, his best friend, and the townsfolk . A short story to teach chirldren the true meaning of Christmas.
Marieke Nijkamp

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Home Blog. For millions of children across the world access to a school where they can actually learn is challenging enough. However, in areas that are underprivileged or underserved, an additional hurdle such as disability can prove too difficult to overcome. Children with disabilities can face multiple forms of exclusion, often limiting their participation in their community. At Bridge, we believe that everyone should have access to quality education, independent of their circumstance. We know that disability is not inability. Here are five inspiring examples of children from around the developing world, who are pursuing their education despite coping with challenging disabilities.

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I can hear it, the balled-up toilet paper chafing his crack. Then he starts up again, this time more aggressively. A couple minutes later, Gregg finally steps out, a big, muscular man in an old Coors Light shirt. Back in the recreation room, I leave him with the TV on. I go check up on some of the other guys and distribute some meds.

The first, Happy Birth-day …. A man stood up from his chair and paced the room. Another woman drummed her fingers across her knees. Nobody spoke, let alone made eye contact. The woman stared up at a poster of a white carnation with the word REIN written in giant gold letters above it.

This story is republished with author permission from ExamHealth. Then they came to a little boy who I will call Will. They described him to me as spoiled with parents who were in denial. My question to my co-workers was if we do not expect much from these kids why are we here? The next day was the first day of school and I would finally meet Will. The first day of school arrived, and Will was the last child off the bus.

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