Best books about the supreme court

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best books about the supreme court

Popular Supreme Court Books

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Congress National Book Festival.

The remaining titles, as well as the lists we used, are in alphabetical order at the bottom of the page. The same Rehnquist Court that many had seen as solidly conservative and unduly activist—the Court that helped decide the presidential election and struck down thirty-one federal statutes since —issued a set of surprising, watershed rulings. In a term filled with important and unpredictable decisions, it upheld affirmative action, invalidated a same-sex sodomy statute, and reversed a death sentence due to ineffective assistance of counsel.
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Novels Every Supreme Court Justice Should Read

A new book on the explosive fight over Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh is rocking the publishing world with a surprise debut atop the Amazon best seller list. Authors Mollie Hemingway, a Federalist senior editor, and Judicial Crisis Network senior counsel Carrie Severino, were given special access for their deep dive look into the fight over Kavanaugh, who was almost torpedoed by false sex charges. And Secrets was provided details of how President Trump finally settled on the Washington insider and federal judge. According to Hemmingway and Severino, Kavanaugh was on his way to a p. They wrote:. He met for more than an hour with the president and Melania Trump in the Yellow Oval Room, used for receptions for important guests, on the second floor of the White House residence.

Make Your Own List. Interview by Eve Gerber. Dahlia Lithwick has been watching Supreme Court justices from their courtroom for 10 years. They serve as the final interpreters of what the US constitution says and means in any situation. And they sit as the final arbiters of what a statute says or means in any given situation. We pretend that there is one easy answer for every question that comes to court and we forget that almost every case that gets to the Supreme Court is a close case. In almost every case there are two competing answers or constitutional values that the justices have to chose between.

For the past several months, Book Riot has been getting a lot of requests for recommendations for books explaining why our political and legal systems are the way they are. Law is not just something that happens in courtrooms and legislatures; it infuses our whole lives.
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But before the November sitting, Justice Stephen G. I suspect that many Americans, told of this accomplishment, would be baffled: Why read a book in French when there are good English translations available? Why bother with a work of thousands of pages and damned little action? In the interview, Breyer called Proust "the Shakespeare of the inner world," a writer who can give readers a sense of knowing the one thing it is completely impossible to know—what it is like to be another person:. Reading makes a judge capable of projecting himself into the lives of others, lives that have nothing in common with his own, even lives in completely different eras or cultures. In American legal discourse, empathy is often portrayed as less respectable than Satan.

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