Funny quotes about throwing up

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funny quotes about throwing up

Vomit Quotes (31 quotes)

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Published 21.11.2018

Throwing up is funny 2.0

Vomit Quotes

If Jesus came back today, and saw what was going on in his name, he'd never stop throwing up. I threw up again that night, half-afraid that my eyeballs would explode. But it was, by far, more important that I get rid of dinner. Of course, by then, throwing up was the only way I knew how to deal with fear. That paradox would begin to run my life: to know that what you are doing is hurting you, maybe killing you, and to be afraid of that fact--but to cling to the idea that this will save you, it will, in the end, make things okay. I was struggling man. I had a stomach ache.

These quotes about depression are meant to help you see the light even in the darkest of times in your life. Know that you can regain control and happiness, and let these words be your first step in getting there. Many of us are all too familiar with the emotion of depression. But unfortunately, too often people are unwilling to discuss it for fear of further rejection or self-deprecation. As far as we have come with the advancements in mental health, stigmas still exists when it comes to issues like depression. People grow to feel like they are alone , and this intense feeling of isolation makes them feel as if no one will ever truly understand them.

The nausea clawed at her throat, and she tried to force down the bile, but it was too late. Chunks of partially digested chicken spewed out of her coughing, choking mouth. Her stomach kept on contracting violently and forcing everything up and out. Her face was white and dripping bile, sweat, and tears. She lurched forward and sunk to her knees.

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Writing without making mistakes is like vomiting hot air. I have tried to lift France out of the mud. But she will return to her errors and vomitings. I cannot prevent the French from being French. I cannot imagine any boy of spirit who would not be delighted to play a drunkard even to vomiting in front of his Sunday school. Indeed, the vomiting might be the chief attraction of the role. Actually, there is no way of making vomiting courteous.

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