Learning about technology for kids

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learning about technology for kids

Teaching Technology: High-Tech Education, Safety and Online Learning for Teachers, Kids and Parents by Scott Steinberg

GIVE EDUCATION AND LEARNING A HIGH-TECH UPGRADE! Connected devices and solutions have transformed education today. In Teaching Technology, the first training guide for tomorrows educator, youll discover a complete range of activities and workshops for integrating technology into the modern classroom and household. Suitable for grades K-12, tweens, teens, college and beyond, it offers a full set of tools for teaching online safety, privacy and positive high-tech usage. Featured programs cover: -Internet Access & Online Safety -Apps, Software & Web Services -Social Media & Social Networks -Computer Use & Screen Time -Responsibility & Digital Citizenship Letting you craft engaging classroom programs, Teaching Technology is a must-read for those hoping to bridge the generation gap. -High-Tech Classroom Activities for All Ages -Lesson Planning Tools: K-12 + College -Best Sites, Services & Tools -Expert Guides: Social Media, Safety & More -Workbooks: Communications and Privacy
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Published 21.11.2018

Technology for Kids: Communication, Contact

Learn about technology Step into the future and discover technology for kids with our cool range of experiments, free games, science fair projects, fun quizzes.
Scott Steinberg

Technology and young kids

Search This Blog. January 15, A working formula for a successful learning activity with kids involves three main elements: engagement, interactivity, and fun. The more of these elements a learning activity exhibits the better learning experiences it can generate. Based on this learning philosophy, we have curated for you these educational science-centred websites to use with kids and young learners. The websites provide a wide variety of hands-on activities, interactive games, quizzes, virtual experiments, and several other materials to engage young minds in immersive learning experiences covering various science topics and phenomena.

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What is Technology?

Tonia Gray is affiliated with Vision as an advocate for connecting teaching and learning in the outdoors. This worrying trend is also becoming increasingly apparent in our educational settings. I have devoted the majority of my teaching and academic career to examining the relationship of people and nature. In the last few decades, society has become estranged from the natural world, primarily due to urban densification and our love affair with technological devices usually located in indoor built environments. Contact with nature can enhance creativity , bolster mood , lower stress , improve mental acuity , well-being and productivity , cultivate social connectedness , and promote physical activity. It also has myriad educational benefits for teaching and learning.

The timing of the studies, from two well-regarded research organizations, appears to be coincidental. One was conducted by the Pew Internet Project, a division of the Pew Research Center that focuses on technology-related research. The other comes from Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization in San Francisco that advises parents on media use by children. It was conducted by Vicky Rideout , a researcher who has previously shown that media use among children and teenagers ages 8 to 18 has grown so fast that they on average spend twice as much time with screens each year as they spend in school. She teaches accelerated students, but has noted a marked decline in the depth and analysis of their written work. She said she did not want to shrink from the challenge of engaging them, nor did other teachers interviewed, but she also worried that technology was causing a deeper shift in how students learned.

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