Things to be curious about in life

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things to be curious about in life

Curious? Quotes by Todd Kashdan

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Published 21.11.2018


We are all born curious. You just need to look at how children play, constantly ask questions and try everything that is unknown. However, at some point in our unfortunate education, this curiosity is somewhat appeased.

7 Reasons To Be Extremely Curious

What are you pretending not to know? This was perhaps the most powerful question I was ever asked by my best friend bengleib. What are your values and are you being true to them? Write down the 3 most important aspects of each of these areas: family, romantic relationships, friends, work, health, sex and spirituality. The desires of our ego are often in conflict with the emotions of our heart.

See the full list here. Contrast that with the average teacher, who peppers kids with questions a day and waits an average of one second for a reply. Most of us size up and make assumptions as we listen to others. Curious people, on the other hand, have no hidden agenda, says Taberner. They seek to understand the perspectives of others, and are willing to sit in ambiguity, open and curious without being invested in the outcome. Curious people welcome surprise in their lives. The ability to shelve a sense of being right in favor of being open to the insights and opinions of others is a trait of curious people, says Sue Heilbronner, cofounder and CEO of MergeLane , an accelerator program that focus on female-run companies.

All rights reserved. Last year, James Ryan delivered a commencement speech that, to his surprise, struck a chord far beyond the graduates in his audience. The dean of Harvard's graduate school of education proposed five essential questions to always keep in mind on the path through life. The questions are simple, but expansive and powerful. And "What truly matters? The speech has gotten more than 8.


Children are known for their curiosity. They are interested in the world around them, and are full of questions. Adults are often curious, too, but don't always feel comfortable expressing their curiosity. Being curious is an excellent way to expand your knowledge base. There are several steps you can take to become more curious. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.



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  1. I "myself" am curious about: * How combat and deaths will work? How will I die? * What is my purpose in life? * Am I truly happy? * How do I want to be.

  2. Though Aristotle left a profound mark on a range of fields, from metaphysics to rhetoric, this musing in particular addresses the power in asking questions of ourselves -- questions that may not necessarily have a solidified answer.

  3. 16 Curious Things You've Probably Never Had Time to Google. 0. 0. 0. 41k .. What Life Is Like When There's a Cat in the House (20+ Pics). 1. 8. 11k .

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