Kellin quinn quotes about family

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kellin quinn quotes about family

Kellin Quinn Quotes

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Published 15.11.2018

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Families in Illinois don't want lies and political mudslinging.

kellin quinn quote

We all deal with this kind of thing in our own way some better than others. Some people may take a small negative occurrence and deal with it like its the end of the world, some people might take a huge negative occurrence and just brush it off like it was nothing. There is going to be a point in ever single persons life where they just want to give up. But then something positive, bright and amazing will happen and it puts everything in to prospective. I am here for a reason, the people that are in my life are in MY life for a reason, the things that happen in my life negative and positive happen for a reason. In my life right now I have an amazing support system, my family that including my friends. I am surrounded by the people and things I love the most.

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This album, only the beginning for this incredible band, flew to number seven on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Set aside the facts, and we are left with the lyrics this band produces. Anyone who listens to the radio, knows that most of the lyrics you hear are about heartbreak, relationships, or sex.

For as long as I can remember, music has always been an important part of my life. For the longest time, music was my only friend. Each band member was a part of my family, someone that I felt a true connection with. Every song, every word was like poetry, as if the bands had translated my feelings into music. I was that "emo" kid in high school, adorned with Hot Topic chains and band tees. I would strut down the hall my in my checkered Vans with skater friends, blaring the loudest screamo I could play on my iPod Touch. Since unearthing my metalcore roots, I have felt like a kid again, before life became real and troubles were unknown.

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