The truth about the wizard of oz

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the truth about the wizard of oz

The Making of the Wizard of Oz: Movie Magic and Studio Power in the Prime of MGM by Aljean Harmetz

Why was Buddy Ebsen replaced by Jack as the Tin Man? What lifelong effects did young stardom have on Judy Garland? How did they melt a witch, stir up a tornado, and get monkeys to fly?It was 1938, the heyday of Hollywood, when studios were discovering the use of color; the importance of star power, and how to make beautiful, sprawling movies. From this was born The Wizard of Oz, a film that, 60 years later, continues to captivate us. It seems we can never get enough of the dishy inside details, the amazing feats of production that made it such a spectacle, and the personalities both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Now, timed to coincide with the theatrical rerelease -- which will include never-before-seen footage -- this is the book Oz aficionados will turn to for more information on Americas favorite movie. A bestselling classic since it was first published in 1977, The Making of The Wizard of Oz is as ageless as the film itself jam-packed with fascinating facts and telling asides.
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The Real Story Of Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz

Dark Secrets Behind the Making of ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Few films enjoy the cult status and enduring popularity like The Wizard of Oz. From shocking behind-the-scenes mistreatment of actors to possible suicides, this is everything you never knew about the making of The Wizard of Oz, including what really happened to the famous ruby slippers No. A vaudeville-style musical version was released in and a silent movie version came out in An adaptation centering on the scarecrow as the main character in was a box office flop that plunged one Hollywood studio into bankruptcy. It got so bad that it took two assistants to dry out the costume every night. When he got tired, the poor guy had to lean on a board.

The story behind the creation of The Wizard of Oz is almost as . the truth is that the studio always had Judy Garland as their top choice.
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False: An actor who played a munchkin hanged himself on set

Few movies have earned the reputation or sizeable audience spanning multiple generations, and even fewer inspire the countless imitators, parodies, allusions and remakes. The Wizard of Oz has, in a sense, become a right of passage, certainly in the English-speaking world. The story behind the making of The Wizard of Oz could inspire a movie unto itself… and, technically, it has inspired several! Yet for all the viewership and commentary the film has garnered over the years, the real story behind the making of the classic movie remains untold. As the movie achieved legendary status, so did the stories behind it, and we here at Screen Rant now seek to uncover some of the mysteries and dispel some of the rumors.

With all the buzz nowadays around the gender wage gap, it was certainly way worse back in the day, especially in Hollywood. Even though Dorothy is no doubt the star of the classic, Judy Garland earned much less than the other actors, even though she had the most screentime. Four different horses were used as the film crew found that multiple color changes on a single horse were too time-consuming to give the impression of an animal that changes color from moment to moment. The only issue was that the horses constantly tried to lick off the sweet stuff, but the team managed to make the effects work anyhow! In the film, Dorothy, Toto, and the Cowardly Lion fall asleep in a poppy field but are magically awakened by falling snow.

Thursday marked 80 years since the Aug. Commercially speaking it made decent money when it was released, but made even more money after CBS aired it for the first time on Nov. But despite its commercial success, The Wizard of Oz is seen by some as cursed. Stars and lesser players were indentured servants [for] studios. But not everything you may have heard about problems on the set is true. Buddy Ebsen was originally cast in the role of the Tin Woodman, a.

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  1. Nearly eight decades ago, a twista uprooted a Kansas farm girl and her little dog from her sepia-toned rural life and dropped her smack-dab in the middle of a candy-colored fantasy land populated with witches and wizards and munchkins, oh my.

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