What does your tongue say about your health chinese medicine

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what does your tongue say about your health chinese medicine

Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine by Giovanni Maciocia

Examination of the tongue, like the pulse, is one of the principal diagnostic methods in traditional Chinese medicine. This book--newly revised in 1995--systematically describes each of the primary characteristics of the tongue (body color, shape and coating) and their significance in the clinic. It traces the historical development of tongue diagnosis and its relationship to externally- contracted disorders and the eight principals. Featured in this revised edition are 59 color plates and accompanying case histories from the authors own practice. Other aspects of tongue diagnosis newly described in this edition include the integration of tongue and pulse diagnosis; the use of the tongue in diagnosing emotional problems; tongue diagnosis and herbal treatment; the tongue in prognosis; and special considerations regarding tongue diagnosis in children.
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Pulse Reading and Diagnosis

In traditional Chinese medicine, it's an ancient practice to read the tongue. Here's exactly how to do it, and how to find out what it says about your health.
Giovanni Maciocia

Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

We offer both subscription and bundle options that fit your lifestyle and make meeting your health and balance needs easier. Current Practitioners can login to manage their account, place orders, replenish inventory and access the Resource Room with its training information and formula insights. Do you think our formulas are right for your practice or clinic? Learn more about the options available for carrying DAO, with inventory solutions that work for you and your business. Tongue diagnosis is a very traditional and effective method which has been used to diagnose diseases for over two thousand years. The tongue reflects what is going on within your body.

At some point, you might have looked in the mirror, inspected your tongue and noticed changes in color, texture or coating. But have you ever thought about examining your tongue for a glimpse into your overall health and well-being? A qualified practitioner can help decode what you see in the mirror. Here, Dr. A: Yes. The use of tongue diagnosis is very individual to each patient. A: The tongue is just one area of the whole body that helps Chinese medical practitioners put the pieces of the puzzle together.

As we discussed in our Secrets of Pulse Diagnosis post , tongue diagnosis is another primary method in Chinese Medicine for understanding what is happening inside the human body. As with the pulse, there are general qualities of the tongue that show how the body is doing on a macro level, and specific qualities that zoom in on particular organ systems of the body. These will be described in more detail below. Over time, Chinese medicine has observed that certain parts of the tongue relate to certain parts of the body. Here are some of the most typical examples.

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I am a year-old man. For many years, I have had a white coating on my tongue. Every day before I sleep, I brush my teeth and sometimes use mouth wash. In the morning after I wake up, there is a white coating on my tongue. I have bought a tongue scraper from the pharmacy to scrape away the coating.

The tongue has many relationships and connections in the body, both to the meridians and the internal organs. It is therefore very useful and important during inspection for confirming TCM diagnosis. It can present strong visual indicators of a person's overall harmony or disharmony. The tongue has a special relationship with the Heart, in that the Heart opens to the tongue. The tongue is said to be an "offshoot" of the Heart, or "flowers" into the Heart. The normal tongue in Traditional Chinese Medicine has a light red or pinkish body with a thin white coating. Constitution can also affect the shape of the tongue body.

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