Interesting facts about animal farm

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interesting facts about animal farm

Animal Farm by George Orwell

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A farm is taken over by its overworked, mistreated animals. With flaming idealism and stirring slogans, they set out to create a paradise of progress, justice, and equality. Thus the stage is set for one of the most telling satiric fables ever penned –a razor-edged fairy tale for grown-ups that records the evolution from revolution against tyranny to a totalitarianism just as terrible.
When Animal Farm was first published, Stalinist Russia was seen as its target. Today it is devastatingly clear that wherever and whenever freedom is attacked, under whatever banner, the cutting clarity and savage comedy of George Orwell’s masterpiece have a meaning and message still ferociously fresh.
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Interesting Facts About Farm Animals

On the surface, the undisputed classic is a simple tale of a dying pig who inspires his fellow oppressed animals to stage a rebellion against their cruel human owner. Orwell first wrote about his experiences during the Spanish Civil War for his non-fiction classic, Homage to Catalonia. Animal Farm was the result. Orwell also became inspired to set the satirical tale on a farm after watching a young boy whipping a carthorse whenever it tried to turn:. Orwell initially had great difficulty in getting the manuscript for Animal Farm published, largely due to fears over its anti-Russian sentiment. The book finally looked set to see the light of day when it was accepted by British publisher Jonathan Cape. However, the company swiftly changed their minds after being warned off by Peter Smollett, a government official who was later revealed to be a Soviet spy.

Privacy Search Site. Interesting Facts About Farm Animals. They have a hard palate that helps them grind their food. Goats are great companions for other farm animals, including horses, cows, and chickens. Sheep make a bleating sound.

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Orwell wrote it because he wished to destroy what he called the "Soviet myth". Like Nineteen Eighty-Four , the story is one of the most famous political allegories in the world. It is about a group of animals who rebel against the humans from the farm they live on and run it themselves with hopes of being equal, free, and happy. In the end, however, the new rule becomes a cruel tyranny of its own led by the pigs. Written during World War II and published in , it was not well received at first, but is widely accepted as a classic today.

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  1. To mark its 70th anniversary (it was first published on August 17, ), here's a look at 12 Animal Farm facts you probably weren't taught in.

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