Book about a school with no 13th floor

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book about a school with no 13th floor

Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar

If you want to see exactly what rests at the center of someone’s soul, don’t bother reading a 200-page biography on them; ask them what was the first book ever to make an impression on them that lasted into their adulthood. For some it might be some garbage about a brat named Ramona and her ginger-kid friends, and these people embrace a passion for whimsy and camaraderie. Others have a deep-rooted sense of ‘self’ from cherishing the trails and tribulations of some chick named Margaret menstruating and masturbating. Those who would grow up to be truly unexceptional enjoyed those 10-page “Mr. Man” books (mr happy, mr bump, mr greedy) which always delivered some pointless life lesson about sharing, caring, or other similar nonsense. And then there are those who were destined to be influenced by the outrageous, ridiculous, and sublime, and their rallying point is the fantastic cast of Wayside School.

I’m sure each character has their own loyal following of obedient acolytes who have championed their cause and tried emulating their idol throughout their life; most would probably be fond of Todd, the luckless but genuinely lovable rapscallion who is dismissed from class for his antics every day, the [email protected] crowd related to Bebe Gunn, the dreamers prefer Sharie , the ambitious geeks decry the greatness of Myron, the optimists swear DJ had the right attitude while the misanthropes defer to Kathy’s wisdom, and the goofballs and flucktards of the world were torn between Stephen and Jenny. The people supporting anyone else are usually living in their parents’ basement currently and getting geeked on paint thinner or spending their time volunteering for charitable causes or running for public office. But there is the unsung hero that none can forget, easily the linchpin of the story and the single most inspiring, enigmatic, and culturally relevant character ever introduced in ANY book; Sammy. That’s right, Sammy; the grimy, filthy, stinking, and baffling dead rat that tries infiltrating Mrs. Jewls class while posing as a student and wearing multiple raincoats that reek of decay and alley-trash. He trash talks the entire class, he befouls their atmosphere with his pungent stench, and threatens to bite the teachers head off for discarding his ‘good clothes’ as she throws raincoat after raincoat out the window. Sammy stands proud in the midst of his admonishment, laughing at those who think he might actually give a damn about their concerns or opinions, and is ultimately banished to the basement to live with the other dead rats; presumably where they hatch their nefarious plans to somehow attend class. Are they doing it just to cause a commotion? Are the legitimately interested in garnering some education? Could this be their own rite of passage in their social circles? Sammy’s puzzling nature keeps us guessing, pondering these questions without conclusion.

Compared to the iconic students attending Wayside, the kids at Hogwarts don’t compare, Ramona and her ilk look flimsy and pathetic, and the Choose Your Own Adventure books seem predictable and without shock compared to the zany irreverence displayed in these Sideways Stories.
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There's a DINOSAUR on the 13th Floor - DINOSAUR BOOK FOR KIDS read aloud

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Louis Sachar

Sideways Stories from Wayside School (Wayside School Series #1)

Sideways Stories from Wayside School is a children's short story cycle novel by American author Louis Sachar , and the first book in the Wayside School series. The novel was later adapted into a Nickelodeon Television series, Wayside. The story takes place in the fictional Wayside School, a school that was meant to be built one story tall with thirty classrooms all in row, but was instead built thirty stories tall with a single classroom on each floor, save for the non-existent nineteenth story. The book is primarily set in Mrs. Jewls's class, which is located on the thirtieth story of Wayside School, and each chapter focuses on a different student or teacher at the school. Currently, the book has sold over four million copies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wayside School is a series of short story cycle children's novels written by Louis Sachar, consisting of: Sideways Stories from Wayside School (), Wayside School is Falling Down (), and Wayside School Gets A Little The books tell the stories of a school built 30 floors high, with one classroom on each floor, but.
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Most notably, it's a skyscraper with one classroom per each of its thirty stories. It was supposed to be one story high and thirty classrooms along, but the plans were accidentally held sideways. The builder said he was very sorry. He also forgot to build the nineteenth story. Also: the principal's name is Kidswatter, there's the group of Men in Black living in the basement, and one time the school was filled with cows. The story focuses on Mrs.

In , Sachar released two spinoff books of mathematics and puzzles interspersed with stories: Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School and More Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School. In , a television special loosely based on the books titled Wayside: The Movie aired, and was followed-up in by a Wayside animated series that ran from to and reran until While a student at University of California, Berkeley , author Louis Sachar began working at an elementary school to earn college credit. Sachar graduated from UC Berkeley in with a degree in Economics , and began working on Sideways Stories From Wayside School , a children's book set at an elementary school with supernatural elements. Although the book's students were named after children from Hillside and there is a presumably autobiographical character named "Louis the Yard Teacher," [2] Sachar has said that he draws very little from personal experience, explaining that "

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  1. There was a terrible mistake - Wayside School was built with one classroom on top of another, thirty stories high The builder said he was sorry.

  2. Wayside also known as Wayside School is a Canadian animated sitcom developed by John Derevlany and produced by Nelvana.

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