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much ado about nothing honour

Much Ado About Nothing Quotes (15 quotes)

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Much Ado About Nothing Quotes

Rating: Better Essays. Open Document. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. In literature, as well, honor plays an important role in many plots and the development of almost any character.

Go but with me tonight, you shall see her chamber window entered, even the night before her wedding day. If you love her then, tomorrow wed her. But it would better fit your honor to change your mind. In this society, a woman besmirching her honor is not only shameful but practically contagious, spreading her shame to anyone associated with her, and especially to the man about to marry her. Since the prudish rules of honor are so absolute, John easily manipulates those rules to his own ends. Is not marriage honorable in a beggar?

This lesson will cover the theme of honor in William Shakespeare's ''Much Ado About Nothing''. We will go over honor, as it applies to both the male and female.
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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The play itself, although set in Messina, Italy seems to echo the culture of Elizabethan society in which William Shakespeare lived; the importance of honour and pride at that time induced the need for the people to uphold this status through the constant deception of those around them, whether this was with appearances or words., In the patriarchal society of Much Ado about Nothing honour forms an integral part of the lives of men and women.

Benedick, Claudio, and Don Pedro all produce the kind of witty banter that courtiers used to attract attention and approval in noble households. Courtiers were expected to speak in highly contrived language but to make their clever performances seem effortless. According to this work, the ideal courtier masks his effort and appears to project elegance and natural grace by means of what Castiglione calls sprezzatura, the illusion of effortlessness. Benedick and his companions try to display their polished social graces both in their behavior and in their speech. The play pokes fun at the fanciful language of love that courtiers used. When Claudio falls in love, he tries to be the perfect courtier by using intricate language. Although the young gallants in the play seem casual in their displays of wit, they constantly struggle to maintain their social positions.


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  1. Honor and Sprezzatura in Much Ado about Nothing Honor is an entity that is synonymous with dignity, respect, and admiration.

  2. Honor. 1. Go but with me tonight, you shall see her chamber window entered, even the night before her wedding day. If you love her then, tomorrow wed her.

  3. A summary of Themes in William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. For a woman to lose her honor by having sexual relations before marriage meant.

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