Best books about the ira

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best books about the ira

Popular Irish Republican Army Books

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Published 19.11.2018

Book on conflict in Northern Ireland contains a plot twist that surprised the author

Giving voice to the Troubles: How literature has told the North’s story

The book begins with a longstanding mystery: Who abducted Jean McConville, and why? McConville was a mother of 10, born to Protestants and married to a Catholic, so overwhelmed by the daunting task of caring for her brood after her husband died that she seemed to have no time for anything else, much less sectarian intrigue. Yet in December , at the end of the bloodiest year of the Troubles, a group of masked men and women barged into her Belfast home, dragging the year-old widow away as her frightened children looked on. For the next three decades, the McConville children wondered what happened to their mother, with some of them electing never to leave Belfast in case she returned. The city was small, suffused with whispers of gossip, but nobody would actually talk.

My earliest understanding of the Troubles in literature was that it was not a subject for literature. I have a vivid memory of walking the length of our street — a terrace of former houses converted into shops on the ground floor — balancing on the edge of the kerb. When it was rebuilt after the bomb the street was pedestrianised. No more kerbs. That street of my childhood would have appeared, I imagine, much like Duke Street in Other students commented on its reliability, or its usefulness to the historian; I was picturing the Bogside. If the Troubles was not a subject for literature, its streets — and its people — certainly were.

Ira Tabankin is an eminent author of the science fiction and the political fictional account. He was born in the year He spent his time with constant pressure for any kind of triggering of the Third World War. But he was deeply affected by the death of his school counselor at the age of Driven by the shock, he started to travel around the world.

More recommendations from Ira Flatow:

I was born and raised in the Republic of Ireland- in Cork, about as far south as you can go. As a child, I saw the last remnants of the violence from the Troubles and as I grew up, I witnessed the creation of a peace process that has held for three decades.

The Iraqi agent arrived into the hotel lobby and greeted the Real IRA chief with a warm handshake and a big smile. They were more than willing to oblige, especially if Saddam was willing to supply tonnes of Semtex, rocket propelled grenades and sophisticated wire-guided missiles that could be steered to their target. MI5 agents were waiting outside the Dublin hotel in case anything went wrong. Rupert, a trucker from upstate New York, filled page after page of detail about the inner works of the Real IRA — how they imported weapons, how they fundraised, their plans for the future, where they held their army council meetings, who was on the council. Rupert had been recruited as an FBI undercover agent to operate in dissident republican groups. He had spent seven years undercover.

A timely work of major historical importance, examining the whole spectrum of events from the Easter Rising to the current and ongoing peace process, fully updated with a new afterword for the paperback edition. Even those who grew up with the Troubles will find it a provocative and freshly compelling work. More importantly, perhaps, fifty years from now it will still be required reading — generations who look back and wonder what the Northern conflict was all about will find many of their answers here. What impressed me most was the way Richard English managed to present such an historical and contradictory mess with such clarity and fairness. At a historic moment when Irish republicanism is in the process of redefining itself, a highly-talented historian gives a compelling analysis of its past.

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  1. Feb 21, Brits: The War Against the IRA charts the covert operations against the IRA and the road to the Peter Taylor's top 10 books on the Troubles.

  2. (shelved 1 time as irish-republican-army) A Secret History of the IRA: Gerry Adams and the Thirty Year War (Paperback) Handbook for Volunteers of the Irish Republican Army: Notes on Guerrilla Warfare (Paperback).

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