Book about a girl who goes to boarding school

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book about a girl who goes to boarding school

Boarding Schools in Contemporary YA (117 books)

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Published 18.11.2018

Mixed Bag of Creepy + Boarding School Books - Thriller Reading Wrap-Up

If you like us are simply going through the motions of everyday life while you secretly wait for your acceptance owl from Hogwarts to arrive, then you like us are probably always game for a good boarding school story. Unbelievable settings?
Stephanie Perkins

Girl in a boarding school: YA meets grip-lit

Beneath the Sugar Sky , the third novella in Seanan McGuire's excellent Wayward Children series, is out this week, giving me the perfect opportunity to write about one of my favorite fantasy subgenres: the magical boarding school story. Here are nine fantasy books that use the magical boarding school setting to help tell their story Check out more of Cai's work for the Wayward Children series over at Tor. The novellas of Wayward Children , the series from Seanan McGuire, are examples of smart, affecting fantasy stories that both tells its own story and uses that story to comment on the genre in clever, subversive ways. Narnia's Pevensies or Wonderland's Alice would be great candidates, for example.

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James Browning's new novel, The Fracking King , finds the tap water bursting into flames at the Hale Boarding School for Boys, where Scrabble prodigy Winston Crwth finds himself going to mandatory Saturday classes and passing a swimming test with his limbs bound. Browning picked 10 of the best boarding school books. I did not correct him. The closest thing to boarding school in my life now is, oddly, the Internet—the sense of being swept up in something so big, promising, boring, and dangerous, and which, no matter how I love it, refuses to love me back. Here are ten great novels about boarding school as a place where you are forced to create yourself.

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