The one about coyote going west

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the one about coyote going west

One Good Story, That One by Thomas King

Named in the University of Toronto Bookstore Review as one of the top100 Canadian books of all time

There is much more than one good story in this bestselling (over 10,000 copies sold) collection of short fiction. In fact, there are more than a few of the best examples of native storytelling ever published. Thomas King, author of the acclaimed Medicine River and Green Grass, Running Water, and the newly released Truth and Bright Water, has proven he has a magical gift, a fresh voice and a special brand of wit and comic imagination. 

One Good Story, That One is steeped in native oral tradition, led off by a sly creation tale, introducing the traditional native trickster coyote. Weaving the realities of native history and contemporary life through the story, King recounts a parodic version of the Garden of Eden story, slyly pulling our leg and our funnybone.

A collection that is rich with strong characters, alive with crisp dialogue and shot through with the universal truths we are all searching for, One Good Story, That One is one great read.
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When Coyote meets Adam: or Thomas King’s new space

I am a teacher and a lover of books. Here is my personal responses to what I read. February January All Characters One Good Story. That One. Symbols Themes Voice.

Cherokee are a Native American tribe who mainly live in the southeastern United States and in Oklahoma. They believe that are two classes of the thunder beings, those who live close to the Earth, and those who live in the land of the west beyond the Mississippi and visit the people to bring rains and blessings from the South. They believe that the thunder beings who live close to the Earth's surface can and do …show more content….
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More about Coyote in Native Mythology: Thomas King's "The One About Coyote Going West"

Quant aux lieux de l'action T. Although his work often reflects the realities of a certain ethnocultural community, that of status and non-status Indians in Canada and the United States, it nevertheless goes beyond the realm of the sociological or anthropological, simultaneously foregrounding the role of formal codes and conventions in storytelling 1. These narrators oscillate between the stance of omniscient narrator and that of external storyteller; they are partly character, partly storyteller. I will then go on to examine the settings, which King constantly alternates, moving the reader from the contemporary world of Natives living on reserves to those living off. He moves from the contemporary to the historical, just as he moves from the historical to the ahistorical, projecting us back to the places of Amerindian or Judeo-Christian mythology. We shall see how his literary production, grounded in dialectic and syncretism, ultimately creates a new literary and social space. You know, I hear this story up north.

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4 thoughts on “One Good Story, That One by Thomas King

  1. From early on in the text, this blending of the familar with the unfamiliar is apparent.

  2. THE ONE ABOUT COYOTE GOING WEST. This one is about Coyote. She was going west. Visiting her relations. That's what she said. You got to watch that one.

  3. 'The One About Coyote Going West' explores an interpretation of the creation of the world. Coyote is the creator and the first thing she created.

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