Interesting facts about valerie thomas

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interesting facts about valerie thomas

Winnie the Witch by Valerie Thomas

Winnie lived in her black house with her cat, Wilbur. He was black too. And that is how the trouble began. Everything in Winnies house is black - the carpet, the chairs, the bed and the sheets, the pictures on the walls, and even the bathtub! And of course her cat, Wilbur, is black too - all except for his bright-green eyes. Whenever poor Wilbur closes his eyes and tries to take a catnap, Winnie stumbles right over him. Or accidentally sits on top of him. Until one day, when Winnie gets a brilliant idea. What if Wilbur were a different color?
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A Moment in Black History - Valerie Thomas, inventor

Valerie L. Thomas Retires

She graduated from high school in about , at a time in our civil rights history when integration was just beginning in the southern U. She then decided to join NASA in as a mathematician and data analyst. At NASA she worked for more than 10 years on the Landsat image processing system, the first satellite to provide images from outer space. With these images she was able to help predict worldwide crop yields. And with more knowledge analyzed from satellites in space, our technologies have blossomed in the information that can be transmitted and shared all over the world. As a woman and an African American, Ms. Anderson,

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Powered by WordPress. - Valerie Thomas was born in May in Maryland. Thomas's interest in math and science were not encouraged until her college years.

Valerie Thomas was always interested in the mysteries of technology , spending time with her father, tinkering with electronics and reading book on electronics. It seemed unlikely that she would be pointed towards a career in science as her all-girls high school gave little guidance or direction in the areas of math or science. Nevertheless, her thirst for knowledge led her to pursue a career in science after her graduation from high school. After enrolling at Morgan State University, Valerie met with great success, only one of two women to graduate with a degree in physics. She accepted a position as a data analyst with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and was eventually asked to manage the "Landsat" project, and image processing used to transmit space images from a satellite. In , Thomas attended a scientific seminar that would change her career focus. The exhibit demonstrated an illusion by fooling the viewer with the use of concave mirrors.

Login to BlackFacts. Click the appropriate button below and you will be redirected to your Social Media Website for confirmation and then back to Blackfacts. Enter the email address and password you used to join BlackFacts. As a child, Valerie Thomas became fascinated with the mysteries of technology, tinkering with electronics with her father and reading books on electronics written for adolescent boys. The likelihood of her enjoying a career in science seemed bleak, as her all-girls high school did not push her to take advanced science or math classes or encourage her in that direction. Nonetheless, her curiosity was piqued and upon her graduation from high school, she set out on the path to become a scientist. Thomas enrolled at Morgan State University and performed exceedingly well as a student, graduating with a degree in physics one of only two women in her class to do so.

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  1. Thomas's interest in math and science were not encouraged until her college years. During that time, Thomas received a patent for an illusion transmitter and contributed broadly to the organization's research efforts. After graduating from high school, Thomas finally got a chance.

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