Contemporary romance novels about unrequited love

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contemporary romance novels about unrequited love

Popular Unrequited Love Heroine Books

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Favorite Sad Love Stories

Looking for the best unrequited love romance novels to read? Here are 35 picks heart-wrenching picks that you won't be able to put down.
Bec McMaster

Unrequited Love in Romance: When Secret Yearning Becomes True Love

Finn is now nearly obsessed with Winter, but she has other things on her mind. The result of their tryst is disastrous, but Finn is willing to charge ahead anyway if it means having Winter in the end. Sam and Katie both have demons, and their personalities make this obvious. Katie is bubbly and has a sparkling personality, while Sam is surly and damaged. In fact, Sam is so damaged that when Katie needs his help, he finds it difficult to decide to help her. He feels that by getting close enough to Katie to help her, he could possibly put her in even more danger.

I love watching characters suffer. Perhaps it comes from writing romance as well. Writers throw conflict at their darlings all the time, and many of us probably enjoy it way too much. After all, we all know how that feels. I think I spent my entire teen life in a state of unrequited love.

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Carla: Ahhh I love some unrequited love stories. I want that deep ache. Do you remember my first and favorite from Kristen Ashley? And do you remember that punch to the gut when she overhead him… disgruntled about her being around? And oh boy, I wanted her to so prove a point. Prove him wrong.

The possibility that something as beautiful as love might not be returned had always seemed unfair to me. I'm no stranger to the perils of unrequited love — and is there anything more devastating than not having one's affection returned? If one positive thing can be said about not having your feelings answered, it's that it makes one heck of a compelling story, and it's not a new concept to literature. From Shakespeare to Victor Hugo, from J. Rowling to Louisa May Alcott, the mines of unrequited love seem exhaustible, and with good reason. We allow ourselves to dwell in the fantasy of the person without ever having to deal with the very worst of a reality with them.

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