Articles about broken family in the philippines

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articles about broken family in the philippines

Popular Broken Family Books

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Published 17.11.2018

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Social Justice for All: Poverty, broken families and children in conflict with the law

I have seen the ugly faces of the effects of a broken home. My heart bleeds every time I hear or be a witness of a broken home. I feel sorry for the children who are victims of this disheartening and devastating situation. In fact a teenage girl asked her grandma if she is not lovable because her parents separated. Another teenager ran away from home upon learning the separation of her parents. It is so sad and sickening when homes become broken.

In the Philippines, separation among married couples is not rare. Despite the absence of a divorce law, there is still a high rate of annulment among Filipino couples. A study by Margot Galang on Implication of Broken Marriages to Filipino Children, the common reasons why Filipino couples separate include financial problems, lack of communication, infidelity, and domestic violence. World Vision, a Christian non-government organization working in the country for more than 60 years, aims to help children going through this kind of difficulty by inviting them to child-focused activities. One of the participants who benefited from the activity is Carls Jane, a year-old girl from the province of Aklan. She lived a simple life with her parents and five siblings.

The practical implications of current trends, the risks and potentialities of emerging situations, the pros and cons of specific laws are discussed in rigorous but plain language. This biblical quote is frequently heard among Filipinos, particularly among the older generations, to discourage young people from leaving an unsatisfactory marriage. However, only a small fraction resort to these remedies because, while the outcome is uncertain, costs are high usually not less than three months of average labour earnings, and sometimes much more and the legal procedures are long and complex. Completing a matrimonial dissolution case typically takes between six and eighteen months but the procedure can also extend over several years Lopez, Most Filipinos who wish to end their marriage resort to informal separation. Ideally, couples need to apply for a legal separation that provides them with legal sanction to live separately, but in reality most couples, especially the poor, just live separately without going through this legal procedure. Although most Filipinos still value marriage, the proportion who separate from their spouse, both legally and informally, is increasing.

Posted in Features and Articles. Manila is a fast growing, intense metropolis where the poor, and especially the children of the poor, are made to fend for themselves in fierce competition for resources.
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What is Broken Family

Many Filipino families still believe in marriage. And every child dreams to have a perfect family. Before even if the couple has a fight or differences to each other they still want it to fix their marriage because of their children. But in this modern age, a Filipino family also change their way of thinking. They are separated and their children live with one of their parents.

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  1. Many Filipino families still believe in marriage. And every child dreams to have a perfect family. In the Philippines, divorce is not legal however those.

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