Example of spoken word poetry about love

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example of spoken word poetry about love

Spoken Word Quotes (41 quotes)

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Published 15.11.2018

A Letter to Myself ¦Spoken Word Poetry

Love Again. Sometimes I wish love worked like the movies,. The ones where our eyes meet from across the room,. The ones with orchestras.

Love Poems

Talk to her. Maybe on youtube? Woke poetry. Not sure where to start but here it is…. I feel alone and hopeless. Why do people always want something from me or take advantage of me. Why is it that no matter how many steps forward I take theres always steps back that negate any positive forthcoming.

Love again (Spoken Word)

Add to list. Three words masquerading as the universe That could not hold you Three words encompassing a world of emotion Meaningless without you Three words negated by the reality of your passing, In my sorrow stripped of significance I love you. As if my love legitimized your life As if my words intensified your illumination As if there was value in my validation Or you needed my adoration As if my devotion ever met your expectation Or the mere expression could excuse my inaction As if, as if you could still hear me mention I. Love you. Seems self-centered to me now. I was always so focused on what I preferred. I paid little attention to what you deserved Never spending enough pennies for your thoughts Or treating you as I was taught Just grateful that you were the unselfish martyr, The sacrificial lamb I led to the slaughter and Placed on the altar, while I repeated the mantra I love you.

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