Poems that make you think about someone

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poems that make you think about someone

Unrequited Love Quotes (669 quotes)

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A poem for a special person

Thinking Of You

You could be nostalgic and go down the memory lane, or be futuristic and write something to inspire your loved one. A thinking-of-you message could have as many or as few words as you want. Here is an assortment of some sample thinking of you poems, quotes and messages. Choose something you like, send as is, or modify it and craft something unique with love filled thoughts. For someone who has occupied the thoughts permanently, yet commands exclusive Thinking of You Moments.

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Give Me My Space. Give me a minute To read the stars Lamenting in their stories Their laboured twinkling far and sparse Give me this moment To stumble and swoon My branches reaching for The faraway moon Give me a while To be one with the universe Hear the colliding planets As they spill their mournful verse Give me some time To plot my rightful place Within my uncharted galaxy And collapsing space Continue reading IrieSide Sep Stay immortal, leave your legacy Conquer the greatest dragon rescue the bravest princess find your hero deep within. I admire the way you, and others pick up on the little small hidden artifacts that allow yourself to discover the best possible way to proceed.

Inspirational Words of Wisdom. Short Love Poems Express your affection by sharing these short love poems with someone you hold dear.
book a long way home by saroo brierley

29 Thinking of you Messages - Romantic Poems, Inspiring Quotes

Prev Poem. Next Poem. I always think of you. In my sleep, in my dreams, I always think of you. All night all day, hoping you're all right, I always think of you, Wishing that you were thinking of me too.

You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab. Link to read me page with more information. I love poetry. Poets save me with their truth-telling, getting-right-to-it, you-are-not-alone ways. And lately, I've begun to feel like we need them more than ever before. Here are 13 poems that just might change your life. At the very least, they will get under your skin and make you think.

Thinking of you poems say, "Hey, you're important enough to me that I'm thinking about you. Do you have any idea how amazing you'll make your special someone feel by sharing such magical love words? It's huge. It doesn't matter if your relationship is new or if you've been together for a long time, it's still wonderful to find out that you matter to someone who you really care about. So, I'm sharing with you some very special original Thinking of You poetry create by me, the editor of Beautiful Love Quotes. I invite you to use these romantic words of love to convey to your Sweetheart that he or she is on your mind and that thoughts of him or her bring a smile to your face and makes you happy.

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  2. A couple of years ago, I wrote a poem about poetry and the importance it has in our world, and in that poem, I expressed the idea that poetry is a language in itself.

  3. Do you have any idea how amazing you'll make your special someone feel by sharing such magical love words? It's huge. It doesn't matter if your relationship is .

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