Nice things to dream about

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nice things to dream about

Dreams Quotes (6653 quotes)

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Published 17.11.2018

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11 Surprising Things That Affect Your Dreams

You hate how your mother-in-law meddles in your marriage, so it's no shocker when you tell her off in your dream—dreams are, after all, your brain's way of working through unresolved conflicts. But what can explain that recent string of random nightmares or incredibly vivid visions? So here, 11 surprising things that can influence what pops up in your dreams or how likely you are to remember them. Do sweet smells lead to sweet dreams? One small study found that sniffing flowers at a particular point in the sleep cycle led to more positive dreams, while a sulphur odor was linked to negative ones. Though researchers say you can't replicate those results in your bedroom by the time you're dreaming, that lilac blossom scent you spritzed pre-bedtime can't stimulate you , there's a possibility that a sudden aroma—bacon wafting up from the kitchen, for example—could infiltrate your dream. You wake up after dreaming you're stuck in a burning building—and realize that the fire alarm you heard was actually your alarm clock.

The Anatomy of a Dreaming Supplement

Show less Dreams are your body's way of processing stimuli from your life. The things that you see, smell, hear or do right before bed can affect the pleasantness of your dreaming. In addition, your stress level and expectations about your dreams can also have an impact on how you sleep. Relaxing before going to bed, like by listening to calm music or white noise, can help you have good dreams. You can also try to destress by doing yoga or meditation, but you should avoid exercise before bedtime.

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  1. How many times have you been lost in an amazing dream only to be startled awake by your alarm clock?

  2. We've created a collection of good things to dream about for you, so you can work through it and try them one by one! Also, you yes YOU should stick around till.

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