Poems about fear of rejection

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poems about fear of rejection

Rejection Quotes (401 quotes)

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Fear-of-rejection poems written by famous poets. Browse through to read poems for fear-of-rejection. This page has the widest range of fear-of-rejection love and.

Overcoming Rejection in Poetry

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Hisham Alshaikh Jul Was It Love? Or Was It An Arrow? Was it love? My heart, you took, left me in sorrow Your heart, may I borrow? Till death, I will keep, not returned by tomorrow My fortune is narrow That what left my heart hollow And my face sallow Your secret, I revealed, left me feeling shallow Running in agony in the furrow Towards the nearest tree, willow With no one fellow Sitting on the branch lonely with my shadow What a blue life!

Rejection is the air we breathe as poets. In a way, it fuels our work. And it encourages us to continue moving through the stagnation of self-doubt, laziness, and the fear that we are not enough. First, we often self-reject. We think: I cannot possibly write about this. My poems are empty. I am empty.

Did you ever care about me? When I told you I got married. You shrugged your shoulders in that Western way of awkward indifference. When I told you I earned a valuable skill, you smiled without humour. You praised without truth. When I showed you your grandson, you said nothing.

Being alone is one of the saddest conditions for a human being to experience.
the divine companion james allen

Fear Of Rejection - Poem by Brianna Trombley

Fear creates limitations. When we fear, we become incapable of taking risks, of living our lives to the fullest. Whatever fear you are facing, whether it is a fear of love, of rejection, of heartbreak, of growing up, of being forgotten, or even of the dark, remember that your fear limits you. It prevents you from growing into a stronger, better person. Try to understand your fears, for when you understand them, they no longer have a power over you. Let go of fear, express it to someone and just release it.

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