Poetry about death in urdu

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poetry about death in urdu

Celebrating The Best Of Urdu Poetry by Khushwant Singh

Maangey Allah se bas itni dua hai Rashid Main jo Urdu mein vaseeyat likhoon beta parh ley All Rashid asks of Allah is just one small gift If I write my will in Urdu, may my son be able to read it. Urdu, one of the most widely used languages in the subcontinent, is, sadly, dying a slow death in the land where it was born and where it flourished. This definitive collection spans over 200 years of Urdu poetry, celebrating well-known and relatively unknown poets alike. It is essential reading for all who love Urdu verse and for all looking for the ideal introduction.
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Sad Quotes Urdu | 17 sad quotes in urdu about love and life with images in beautiful design.

In the South Asian millieu, Urdu has the same position with its assimilative nature and its courtly pedigree giving it refinement as well as ability to express elaborate, sophisticated concepts. Its poetry is the vanguard. And once we avoid the trap of confining Urdu poetry to its romantic aspect though that is the area where it is fairly prolific and popular we find that, like any other long-standing literary tradition, it also spans a wide expanse of life beyond love and longing, and in a variety of styles. In fact, there are few issues of the human condition or for the natural world that Urdu poets have not covered in the few centuries the language has existed so far, beyond the usually known motifs of the pining lover, the cupbearer or the tavern, the flame and the moth, and so on. Let us see something new.

Today, it is an important part of the cultures of South Asia. The language of Urdu reached its pinnacle under the British Raj , and it received official status. All famous writers of Urdu language including Ghalib and Iqbal were given British scholarships. However, Urdu poetry is cherished in both the nations. Both the Muslims and Hindus from across the border continue the tradition. It is fundamentally performative poetry and its recital, sometimes impromptu, is held in Mushairas poetic expositions. Although its tarannum saaz singing aspect has undergone major changes in recent decades, its popularity among the masses remains unaltered.

The death of someone close to us leave us shocked with grief. We cannot understand how one minute this person was here and the next they are gone. The truth is that those we love are never truly gone.
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