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Love, Hate & Other Filters Quotes by Samira Ahmed

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Published 17.11.2018

About Love, Hate & the other ones STAGE 69(WMV)

'Love, Hate and Other Filters' is 2018’s most important YA novel so far

Surprisingly expressive characterizations for a game about blobs. Help the cute main characters to get back to their beloved hill. Master all of the 70 levels, encounter diverse other ones and find out how they respond to Love and Hate. The game features easy to learn touch controls, specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad. Lovely music and sounds, all tailor-made for the game. This game is a lot of fun.

CEFS is a blog and podcast. Established in , we are now a serialized site, with new content generally published monthly. We hope you enjoy! I can't speak to how accurately the author Samira Ahmed portrays Desi-Indian-Muslim-American culture, but I found a lot of Maya's struggles to be very similar to my own as someone who grew up straddling cultures. The United States is a country where individualism is considered a positive trait, where moxie is admired, where following your dreams is seen as an aspirational life goal, and where romance and marrying for love are the norm. These fly in the face of what is valued in a lot of other cultures—not that any one is right or wrong, but just to say that it's REALLY hard growing up in a country where the values run counter to the values in your home. It's a chasm that in some families cannot easily be bridged.

February 5, It's the central tension underlying each scene of Love, Hate and Other Filters , the powerful young adult debut from Samira Ahmed. Culturally, Maya feels a tug-of-war between America, where she was born, and the values and traditions of her Indian heritage. For fun, Maya films her surroundings as an aspiring documentarian. Unsurprisingly, the Azizes are less inspiring to Maya than her aunt Hina, a hip graphic designer who lives by herself in an ultra-cool downtown loft. A place where I can just be me.

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Look Inside. Seventeen-year-old Maya Aziz is torn between worlds. But in the aftermath of a horrific crime perpetrated hundreds of miles away, her life is turned upside down. Ultimately, Maya must find the strength within to determine where she truly belongs. Samira Ahmed was born in Bombay, India, and grew up in a small town in Illinois in a house that smelled like fried onions, cardamom, and potpourri.

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