Books about washington state history

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books about washington state history

Books Set in Washington State (234 books)

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Published 17.11.2018

Washington for Kids - US States Learning Video

A new-to-Seattle reading list, part 2: The nonfiction edition

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This week we continue our quest to stock the virtual shelves with books for Seattle newcomers. In other words, never boring. Here are some of my favorites; please send me yours, by either leaving a comment or sending an email to mgwinn seattletimes. Suggestions for titles on local business history and art history are especially welcome. Gary Atkins. The activist groups, the personalities, the tragedies of the AIDS era.

With everyday settings as common as living rooms and diners, and with characters whose lives revolve around such low-stakes conundrums as whether or not to purchase a used refrigerator, Carver manages to capture expansive emotions in plain English. Regardless of where you land on the Carver-Lish question, these works endure. When his parents divorcedin the early s, young Tobias Wolff found himself stranded in Seattle with his mother, who soon paired up with a backwoods bully named Dwight. In this legendary memoir, Wolff recounts the time he spent living with Dwight in Concrete, where he suffered abuse, fell in love with basketball, and forged his own high school transcripts in a successful attempt to escape to a private boarding school. Besides, what a fantastic story. Every line counts and every line surprises. And her performances!

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It's Coll Thrush's claim that Seattle visualizes Natives more than any other major American city—from the wildly displaced Alaskan totem pole in Pioneer Square to those many, many manhole covers under your feet as you walk throughout downtown, all bearing Native designs. But the city has visualized Natives as convenient fictions: romantic and disappearing, exotic and othered, combatant enemies. Seattle has failed to simply recognize the reality of the people native to its land and the people after whom it is named, and in fact the federal government still doesn't recognize its native tribe, the Duwamish. Thrush's book is a rejoinder to all that, a vivid retelling of Native history in Seattle, and it is an incredible history. At one point, he tells the anecdote of a man hauled in front of a judge because he doesn't have his papers. He's Chinese, the judge says, and asks for his papers. I'm Chinese American, the man says; I was born here.

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