Howie mandel talks about living with ocd

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howie mandel talks about living with ocd

Heres the Deal: Dont Touch Me by Howie Mandel

A frank, funny, no-holds-barred memoir that reveals the Deal or No Deal host’s ongoing struggle with OCD and ADHD–and how it has shaped his life and career.

Howie Mandel is one of the most recognizable names in entertainment–respected by his peers and beloved by audiences as the host of the enormously popular prime-time game show Deal or No Deal. With a career that spans three decades and many different show-business platforms–he’s a renowned stand-up comedian who continues to perform more than 150 sold-out shows a year, he created the award-winning TV show Bobby’s World, he’s starred in feature films and the hit TV series St. Elsewhere, and he’s also hosted his own daytime talk show–he’s one of the most versatile performers anywhere. But there are aspects of his personal and professional life he’s never talked about publicly–until now.

Eleven years ago, Mandel first told the world about his “germophobia.” He’s recently started discussing his adult ADHD as well. Now, for the first time, he reveals the details of his struggle with these challenging disorders. He catalogs his numerous fears and neuroses and shares entertaining stories about how he has tried to integrate them into his act. “If I’m making myself laugh,” he writes, “then I’m distracted from all the other things going on in my head that are, at times, torturous.” And he speaks frankly and honestly about the ways his condition has affected his personal life–as a son, husband, and father of three.

Fans who’ve been dying to know “the deal” behind Mandel’s remarkable rise through the show-business ranks will be rewarded with many never-before-told anecdotes, each one generously leavened with Mandel’s trademark humor. There are tales from every phase of his colorful career–from his early days as a teenage carpet salesman and aspiring stand-up comic to his stint opening for Diana Ross, his six years on St. Elsewhere, and beyond.

As heartfelt as it is hilarious, Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me is the story of one man’s effort to draw comic inspiration out of his darkest, most vulnerable places. It’s sure to please Howie Mandel’s legion of fans–and provide hope to the millions who strive to succeed in spite of OCD and ADHD.
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Howie Mandel Gets Feces on His Hands at Father's Funeral - Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry - E!

Germs: 'No Deal' for Host Howie Mandel

People know Howie Mandel as a comedian, actor and game show host. But what many fans don't know is how much he suffers from a crippling fear of germs -- something he has joked about before, but never spoken seriously about until now. The year-old "Deal Or No Deal" host suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD -- a debilitating anxiety disorder that produces inescapable repetitive thoughts. Like many of the 4 million adults who suffer from OCD, Mandel's most frequent obsession is germs , but can manifest itself in countless ways that trigger a silent loop of the question 'What if It is quickly evident that Mandel is a gracious family man who loves to entertain, is living his dream, albeit in constant fear. On the set, instead of shaking hands , Mandel does the fist bump -- his trademark greeting on "Deal Or No Deal" -- to work around his germ anxiety.

As I grew older, those quirks found their way into my comedy. I show up, meet the contestants, and move around the set. The show spares me these challenges. I can live in the moment. Doing a scripted television series is tough, because my disorders make it difficult to write or read a script.

Education and Advocacy Howie Mandel opens up about his mental health and shares his advice for those who are learning to cope with their own. The first time Howie Mandel spoke publicly about his mental health issues was after an interview on the Howard Stern show. Mandel had a panic attack trying to leave the studio. He blurted out that he had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD and needed someone to open the door for him or he would pass out. Afterwards, he realized that the show was still broadcasting. Now a mental health advocate as well as a celebrity, Mandel offers these insights for coping with mental health issues.

Howie Mandel is going public with his struggle with his OCD in a that Mandel is a gracious family man who loves to entertain, is living his . Mandel's only unexplored territory as a performer was hosting his own talk show.
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Mandel Battles OCD, ADHD as Kid

Howie Mandel talks about his obsessive compulsive disorder and his ADHD, and how he manages his symptoms to work with his career. We take care of our dental health, but not our mental health., In this Lifescript interview, the famous germaphobe reveals how these mental health disorders shaped him Howie Mandel loves his fans — from a distance.

In a recent interview with Popeater. Like many with OCD, Mandel addresses his deep-rooted fear of germs by engaging in rituals, known as compulsions to alleviate the tensions created by his anxiety. For Mandel, despite being a germophobe, his constant travels force him to confront his biggest fear: hotel rooms and bedbugs. He always travels with a magnifying glass and black light and never touches hotel sheets, comforters, or towels. Instead, he brings his own linens everywhere, sealed in plastic. As a California resident, he makes sure to fly back—only on a private airplane to ensure cleanliness—on the same day when his trips take him west of the Mississippi, and he maintains a home in Toronto, Canada for Northeast visits.



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